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Following the sad and sudden death of Norman the committee held a meeting on the 30th October that had been previously arranged. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss how we would go forward with the Society without Norman at the helm.

It is obvious to us all that we cannot hope to replace Norman and have decided to carryon until the AGM without an official Chairman. We feel that after the AGM we will need both a Chairman and a Vice Chairman, in addition to the existing committee. Between now and the AGM we will be able to assess how Norman’s death has affected the workload and we would welcome any thoughts members may have regarding the way forward.

In the meantime, we would like to continue with the program as planned:

14th November – Slide Show of old Newport Pagnell and old Sherington presented by Philip Smith and Ray Bailey. As usual a raffle will be held and refreshments available.

12th December – The Christmas Social Evening with games and refreshments. WILL MEMBERS ALL BRING A PHOTOGRAPH OF THEMSELVES AS A CHILD TO THE DECEMBER MEETING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????

The Annual Dinner in January will also go ahead as planned but we have decided to dispense with the Christmas theme and have it as a group dinner. We are making enquiries locally regarding a menu and will let you all know as soon as we know!!

We hope that you will agree with these interim plans and would welcome suggestions, comments and ideas from you.

Norman started the Historical Society and has laid a brilliant foundation for us to build on. Our way forward will be different as we realise that none of us have the time that Norman had to devote to the work of collating the collection. We are not asking for more members to serve on the committee but if you feel that you could spare some time to help in any way, please think about it and speak to us at the January meeting.

Sheila Q


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