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My apologies for the lack of a January newsletter – time just went and suddenly it was February so here comes a mid-February one!!!

As we mentioned at the January meeting, we are busy organising the 2007-8 program and have changed the program year from January - December to March – February, purely because it takes the pressure off trying to organise dates and speakers around Christmas!!! Hopefully, a complete program will be available for the March AGM but at the moment it looks like this:

March		AGM with a slide show by Ray Bailey
April		General Meeting
May		Family History Workshop
June		possible Band/Victorian bottle man/general meeting
July		Historical Walk in Grafton Regis
August		No meeting
September	Open Day Prep
29th September	Open Day
October		possible Neil Louden
November	Talk and Slide Show by Ray Bailey on Salmons
December	Christmas Party meeting
January		possible Band/Victorian bottle man/general meeting
		Annual Dinner
February	possible Band/Victorian bottle man/general meeting

June, January and February are “blank” at the moment as we are juggling dates with a speaker on Victorian Bottles and a folk type band.

Talking about the AGM, don’t forget that if you would like to be on the Committee let one of us know or maybe you have some ideas about subjects for meetings or speakers; we will be interested to hear of them.

The article in the February SCAN about the Old Rectory has received some good comments and it started me thinking that some of you might like to write an article about your family, your house or your time in the village – perhaps you went to school here. Think about it and, again, let me know.

The January dinner was very well attended and, as far as I could tell, everyone enjoyed the meal and a few drinks. We have written to Angi thanking her for an enjoyable meal and asking her to pass our thanks to the two waitresses, her daughter-in-law and Trudi. It was good not to have to drive to a venue for the dinner and also to keep “business” within the village. Fingers crossed that Ian and Angi are still at the Swan next January!!

Do you remember the suggestion for the theme for September’s Open Day? “Feasts and Fun” was the only suggestion that the Committee could think of and as no one else has rushed forward with an alternative, we are staying with it! We will obviously need help with organising the event and help on the day with the displays, refreshments, raffle etc., etc., etc.!! Kay and Mark attended another MKHA Workshop held at Bletchley Park aimed principally at Societies and organisations taking part in the Heritage Open Days early in September. They didn’t gain anything from the morning and we are convinced that it is best for us to stay with our usual last weekend in September – leaving you free to visit any of the places open earlier in the month. Hopefully MKHA will get their act together this year and manage to produce and distribute their leaflets in good time for us to give them out.

Did you watch the afternoon TV series about Waddesdon Manor, a National Trust property near Aylesbury built between 1874 and 1889 for Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild. A suggestion has been made that we arrange a visit and I’ve looked in the handbook and can let you know that the entrance cost is £15 (£13.60 groups) and, as always, there is a gift shop (early Christmas shopping, ladies!!) and a teashop to park the men in!! The £15 (£13.60) is for entrance to the house, gardens, wine cellars and woodland playground. Unlike most NT properties, there does not seem to be what is coyly termed as concession rates (OAP reductions to you and me!) and they do not specify how many make a group!! NT members are, of course, free and entrance times are booked.

I’ll miss the AGM as Pat and I will be trudging around Australia – shame!! Hope it goes well and that you enjoy Ray Bailey’s slide show.



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