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May 2007

In truth this is more of a reminder about our May meeting on the 8th May rather than a proper newsletter. The theme for the meeting is to be "Family History" and we are hoping that those of you who have done some research will bring it along and share it with us. It will also be a chance for those of us who would like to start looking for our ancestors to get some advice on where to start and web site addresses etc. etc. etc.

Still on the theme of family history, we have received a letter from Caroline Ellis of the Well & Towers HS, Emberton about a weekend event they are holding early in September. Copies of the letter will be available for you to read on Tuesday.

The program for 2007/8 is more or less finalised - a few hitches along the way - and it will be given to you as soon as possible, together with a copy of the amended Constitution.

The talk given by Mark Symonds about collecting Victorian Bottles was very interesting and well illustrated with his examples. We have a copy of his information sheet if anyone is interested in looking for old bottles.

Looking forward in our own calendar, a visit to Waddesdon Manor, a National Trust property near Aylesbury, is planned for July 15th if enough members would like to go. Entry fees are £15 pp (£11 per child) for the house, garden and everything else; or £7 pp (£3.50) for the garden, aviary and woodland play area. As always, there is a shop and restaurant.

Also planned for later in the year is a performance by a live (yes, I said "live") band - The Living Archive Band. They write and perform music and songs based on true historical characters and events and are particularly interested in meeting and singing for groups such as ourselves. Seems it's a give and take system - they sing and we, hopefully, provide them with stories they can put to music. Maybe our own Sherington murder will be put to music!!!!! We do, however, have to pay them a fee so the meeting will be an open one and we hope to sell tickets. SHS members will, of course, be free!!

Mark has designed a new look newsletter but I need some serious computer lessons before I attempt to make use of it. We also thought that the newsletter could be issued on a bi-monthly or quarterly basis - comments please!!

Ever thought of writing the monthly article for SCAN? No, well how about giving it some thought ≠maybe you could write a piece about the house you live in, your memories of being at the village school, working in the village or how you have seen Sherington change over the years.



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