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August 2007
Feasts, Fetes and Fun

It is getting to that time of year that strikes fear in to the hearts of the committee. The SHS OPEN DAY.

This year we have set a date of September 29th (the last Saturday of the month). This year will be very different from last and we are looking for a much lower key event. This year we are wanting to take the theme of Feasts, Fetes and Fun or "Sherington Shenanigans" as Sheila has suggested. This is the also the only time during the year when we make the whole archive available to view.

We are looking for more information on the various events that have happen in the last 40 years. If you have any we can borrow or copy then, please, please let us know so we can add this to the display and archive. We are also looking for help for with the activities during the day. We need help for setting up, refreshments, raffle, general help during the day and finally putting away.

If you are able to help then please let anyone on the committee know. 'Feasts' page on the website.

Back to School

On the 30th June, Sherington School held their Golden Jubilee Fun Day and we were there to record the event.

The proceedings were started by SHS members Philip Smith and Betty Feasey, with Betty doing the honours in cutting the ribbon. The only problem being that she did it so quickly that no one seems to have got a picture of it!.

The day held a number of attractions that included the presentation of a stone bench by Doris Stevens for the schooI's quiet garden, The presentation was made by a group of pupils that went to the school when it re-opened in 1957.

A thank you must go to Kay Turrell who put together a wonderful display of past and present events at the school.

Although the weather was not as kind as it could have been, it seems that fun was had by all who came.

Events Update

Just a quick update on the calendar of events for the next couple of months.

There will be more details within the newsletter about some of the events.

SHS Goes Walkbout

During July a small but dedicated band went on the SHS trip to Waddesdon Manor from the parish of Sherington. All had an interesting visit with the inclement weather not stopping the fun. The whole group all met up for a short time and all had a great time.

Our next trip is to Grafton Regis on the last of their annual dramatised walks. The walk is on the afternoon of Sunday 12th August

We have booked 10 spaces and there are a small number of places left. The walk is under a mile and will take approx 1h 15 mins. Tea and home made cake is involved!

The walk normally costs 4.00, but as this is their last one and they have a grant, its FREE. For those going, please meet at 2.30pm at Grafton Regis Village Hall.

If you would like to come then please contact Kay Turrell or Mark Vale.

New Members

Since the last newsletter we have new members who have joined the Sherington Historical Society. So in no particular order, I would like to say welcome to Bob and Betty Feasey, John and JiII Burgess. To all of you, a big WELCOME.

Family History Update

After our May meeting, when Gillian Nursaw-Smith gave us an interesting breakdown on resources and where to get these from, she has put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard anyway) to produce a list of information and where to find it.

I will not include this in the newsletter but attach it, so it can be retrieved at a later date as a handy resource. I have to say that I have had this for sometime but there has been no newsletter since to hand it out. Read it here

The Cold War Struck Again

Our last meeting in the Village Hall, sounded like a warning from the past, but it was a very interesting talk given by Oliver Powell entitled "Sherington's part In the Cold War" was about the Royal Observer Corps Monitoring Post that resides with the village boundaries. This recent discovery had Oliver all enthused and he managed to a mass enough information to talk informatively about the subject for about an hour.

We also need to thank David Crook and Michael Cook for the help and assistance that that gave Oliver for this great talk. If you would like more information about this, will help you immensely. Direct link to the local monitoring post page and photos (note: it is actually called the Olney Monitoring Post).

Milton Keynes Heritage Association

Please find the 2nd Milton Keynes Heritage Association (MKHA) newsletter attached. This is a good synopsis of their current activities. I am sure more will follow in the future.

Scarecrow Competition

As you are probably all aware (as it was already in SCAN) the Scarecrow Competition was a great success again this year with 40 scarecrows around the village and the competition was won by Ryan, Nick and Trudy Tanner, The Temples, second and Jess and Sheila Line coming third.

As the event has been growing in popularity the Committee felt that this competition deserved it own trophy. So a Sherington Scarecrow competition shield has been obtained and was presented to the 2007 winners.

What you might not be aware of is that there has been more interest in the competition than was expected when Jess Line put up a model of the famous Antony Gormley's statue "Angel of the North" to advertise the event. The replica Angel was put in the field next to road that goes between Sherington Bridge and Chicheley roundabout. (a very good vantage point to be seen by aII). Photo

An article was published in the Newcastle Sunday Sun on the 24th June with the headline "Angel Scarecrow of the South". Thanks to Philip, we now have a copy on the Sunday Sun's article in the archive.

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