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Dear Members,

Congratulations to all the members, for the show you put on March 16th. It was your best effort ever. The reports that came in were, that everyone really enjoyed it, this was born out by the length of time that people spent poring over the pictures & documents. The day made a loss to SHS of £2-50. But as PR exercise it made a huge profit. Thank you to all who made it a success.

Pearl Teasedale has agreed to become our 4th committee member, but only to be called on when necessary. Thank you Pearl.

MK Heritage Exhibition was to be on 19 20 & 21 April. But has had to be postponed, owing contractural difficulties. But I understand it is a postponement.

Draft document from MKHA, about the point of reference that we raised about Mercer’s Barn. This draft document has been raised as a direct result of our involvement in looking for help in making aware the responsible bodies of our British heritage. Your committee is now examining this proposal & will comment on its form.

The results from our Wedding Appeal are still trickling in. Some 30 odd to date, so our wedding book is looking a lot healthier.

Mark & I are still working on the up-date of our web-site, the actual format has been decided & the first 3 pages were formed on Wednesday 25th April. Some hundred photos have been taken & at least two thirds discarded, there are more nooks & interesting crannies in our church & churchyard, than at first you would believe.

Philips "Walk an Talk", this will start from the village hall car park on the 11th June , assemble at 7-15pm & start at 7-30. It will continue for about 2 hours, ending back in the village hall for tea/coffee & biscuits. It will be a limited number, all ticket affair, being free for members, but £1-00 for non-members. (We need to know numbers). Posters will be placed round the village & tickets will be on sale in the village shop. (Virginia House Stores).

We had some visitors a few weeks back, a couple enquiring about relatives living at the Gables, Liz & Sarah Cresswell, enquiring about Olive & Betty Catling, Born in 1926 worked & lived in the Gables around the mid 1930s. Philip remembers them. Also Harriet Fenn was wandering around the village & is coming back for ‘Mayday’. Make her welcome if you see her.

We have some ideas of using the Church Fete as a special day to photographically copy & electronically copy any data, photos, or paper documents that Sheringtonians care to bring along to us. This will be done on a while you wait basis, & so would obviate the need to leave their precious memorabilia in our tender care. We hope to do a leaflet drop around the village to make each household aware of this intention. Also the usual Scan & poster campaign. We are not sure when this will be, but towards the end of June usually.

Synopsis of Data Gathered.

Conveyance of Yew Tree cottages in Water Lane. (Quakers Cottage)

The absolute last of the Millennium photos are now in the album.

Lots of Hickson family photos.

An article by Jack Ivester Lloyd, bublished in the Shooting Times.

A copy of No 1 Scan, from Philip Smith.

Letter from Pietro Gualerzi. Who was an Italian POW. in Perry Lane.

Photos of Bus shelter construction.

Various old village & villager photos.

Photos of March 16th, our PR day in the village hall.

Next meeting is on Tuesday May 14th, 8pm.

Meeting Dates for 2002 for your Calendar.

June 11th Philip’s "Walk an Talk" (It is hoped to have at least two more

June 25th Committee Meeting. open meetings during the later part

June ??? Church Fete. of the year. These are not finalised yet

July 9th General Meeting. but your committee is working on

July 23rd Committee Meeting. these events. We will keep you all

Sept, 10th General Meeting. informed.)

Sept, 24th Committee Meeting.

Oct, 8th General Meeting.

Oct, 22nd Committee Meeting.

Nov, 12th General Meeting.

Nov. 26th Committee Meeting.

Dec, 10th Christmas Party.

Don’t forget any comments will be welcome.



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