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December 2007
Media Frenzy for SHS
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The Society had its 15 minutes of fame when Philip Smith appeared on 3 Counties Radio telling the story of the Burying of the Hatchet. Oliver Powell accompanied Philip to the radio studio and made a recording of the program.

More fame for Sherington and SHS – Three Counties Radio have a Sunday morning program called Treasure Hunt (Annika Rice used to do a similar program on the TV). On Sunday 2nd December they are featuring Olney, Newport Pagnell and places in between. The researcher for the program looked on our website and decided to use the Burying of the Hatchet as a clue. Step forward our intrepid chairman, Mark, who will stand outside his house, which is conveniently opposite the Knoll and hand over the clue when it is needed!!

Seasons Greetings

It’s been quite a busy few months for the Society! Christmas cards have been produced using two delightful new designs by Caroline and a photograph of the church by Angelica (as below) and there are also some new notelets. A donation has been made to the Church as we have used the church building and stained glass windows for several Christmas card and notelet designs.

These will be on display and if you missed your change at the Christmas Bazaar they will be available at our December meeting (see below).

Christmas Cards 2007
Events Update

Just a quick update on the calendar of events for the next couple of months. Our December meeting will, as usual, be a social evening. The Society will, as usual, provide liquid refreshment and we hope that members will bring along a plate or packet of something seasonal and delicious.

Poster for Ray Bailey's talk on Salmons of Newport Pagnell

See you there as all are welcome!

Please Sir, Can I Have Some More!

Ray Bailey’s gave a very interesting talk about Salmons of Newport Pagnell. Although it was very well attended we only heard part one. You will be able to hear the second part at a meeting next year!

Jess Line brought along his Aston Martin collection – all “boys toys” size – and the cars and pictures added to the slides that (webmaster's note: text missing in original)

January Jolly

January 22nd is the date of our “January Jolly!” A table has been booked at the White Hart for 7:30pm and Giles has produced a limited choice menu for us at £20 per person including tea or coffee. We will have the menu for you to make your choices from at the December meeting and also the meeting on January 8th. Feeling in a generous mood, your committee have decided that SHS can afford to offer everyone a free first drink. We will, of course, rule out champagne, cocktails and yards of ale!!!

Live Music at Sherington
Living Archive Band logo

On the 12th February Sherington Historical Society will proudly present The Living Archive Band live in the village hall. The band was formed in 1992 and they compose and perform music and songs that are based on tales and characters associated with bygone times before Milton Keynes was built and during its development. The meeting will be open to visitors at a charge of £2. We are paying a fee to the band and hope members will not mind paying £1 on the night. A raffle will be held and refreshments will be provided – voluntary donations as usual. It promises to be a very enjoyable evening.

We need your ideas

Soon we will have to start planning the meetings for 2008. If any member has an idea for a meeting please let the committee know. We would also like ideas for our monthly Scan article – perhaps some of you would like to write something about your own house or life in Sherington. Again, let us know.

Post Box Corner

After a couple of enquiries through the website Gillian has put together family trees for the Watts and the Coleman families. They are currently being entered in the Societies copy of Family Tree Maker and will be made available on the societies computer shortly. Thank you Gillian for you hard work.

Lionel Horsnell painting Laundry Cottage at Heydon Norfolk

Ron Clark emailed the SHS asking about Lionel Horsell. “We have a large water colour that I bought from Lionel Horsnell a few years ago, the subject is Laundry Cottage at Heydon Norfolk, I also have a photograph taken by me of him actually painting the picture (see right)

Hickson War Diaries: Steve Royston contacted the Society’s website with information on Archie and Harry Hickson. Harry turns out to be Steve’s Grandfather. Steve have been very helpful with filling in some of the gaps, but he has also provided a transcription of Harry’s first world war diaries which start from the point that he decides to offer his services to his country, to the point he gets demobbed.

Website Updates

Thanks to our web master Ian, who is constantly updating our website, I can advise what the recent updates are:

Keep watching as more is planned.

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