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December 2008

We are sorry that the December Newsletter is appearing in January! Mark’s mother and mother-in-law have both been in hospital and we have now heard that Helen’s mother died on Christmas morning. As you will understand he has been very busy with his family and publishing the newsletter in its magazine format was a low priority. We are sure that all members will join the Committee members in sending sincere condolences to Helen and Mark.

PETER GARDNER: Several SHS members were able to attend Peter’s funeral service at St. Lauds and, in lieu of flowers, the Society made a donation to Cancer Research UK, one of the charities nominated by Peter’s family.

NEW MEMBERS: We welcome the following new members to our merry band: Dave and Liz Revell of Church Road, Pat and Rudi Saunders of Field Close and William and Josephine Heather who visited our Open Day and joined – they live in Cornwall!!

OPEN DAY: After a slow start the “Pumps & Praises” Open Day on 28th September proved to be another successful Open Day. As usual great interest was shown in the archives as well as the exhibition boards. Ian provided a photographic copying service for those wanting good quality copies of both their own photographs and ones from our files. Thanks must go to Kay who organised and oversaw the display and to Caroline for her designs of beer pumps and church/chapel doorways that were on the appropriate boards. We now need your ideas for the 2009 Open Day!!

SHERINGTON-ON-SHOW: Another good day to display ourselves. The whole day was most enjoyable and a good deal of interest was shown in our boards. It also enabled us to show the draft Sherington Welcome Pack – the three we had on display went missing so they must have been of interest to some!!

THE WELCOME PACK: The Welcome Pack has finally been completed, printed and distributed to every household in the village. If you know of anyone who moves into the village, let a member of the committee know and we can make sure they receive a copy, although the idea is that the departing householder leaves the booklet for the new householder.

OCTOBER MEETING: Connie Hilton of the Newport Pagnell Historical Society gave us an entertaining talk about her time employed by Odells of Newport Pagnell and it seemed to bring memories back to quite a few in the audience. Certainly a lot more character, not to mention the selection and variety of goods, than today’s DIY giants. Connie did not charge a fee for the talk so we are sending a donation to the Newport Historical Society. Sheila (Q) recently met Connie in Newport Pagnell and Connie was pleased that she received a lot of positive feedback after her talk.

DECEMBER HISTERICALS: As usual our December meeting was a social evening. The committee provided the drinks (alcohol and soft) and lots of good “nibbles” were brought along by members. Music and one or two of Enid’s fiendish quizzes helped the evening along and it was soon the end of an enjoyable evening.

JANUARY JOLLY 27th January, 2009 - 7pm for 7:30pm: Pearl took a straw poll at the November meeting with the result that the majority of members favoured holding our January Jolly at the White Hart again. Sheila Q and Pearl treated themselves to lunch there and Giles has provided us, with what we think is a good menu, for the Jolly. We hope that many of you will join us but, as the number of members has increased and there will be a limited number of seats available, we think that we may have to consider limiting the event to members only. A final decision will be made nearer to the date. Hopefully, most of you have now seen the menu and many have given their choices to Pearl; please contact her as soon as possible if you have not. Just a reminder that the cost is £20 per head and will include your first drink and staff gratuities.

CHRISTMAS CARDS: The production line was busy again this year and, using several of Caroline Leslie’s designs, a mixed pack of 5 small cards selling at £3, together with large single cards selling at £1.50p were produced. Once again thanks to Kay who master minded the printing and production of the cards – leaving her helpers to pack them!! The small card packs all sold as did most of the large, single cards. Our thanks are also due to Caroline for her wonderful designs.

FAMILY HISTORY: Are you tracing your family history? Gail Wood has a pile of Family History monthly magazines that she has finished with and which members might find of use or interest. Either speak to Gail or give Sheila Q a ring (211153) if you are interested.

ARVIDS ALSUPS: Arvids Alsups was a young Latvian in the Displaced Persons Camp in the village shortly after the end of WW2 and was buried in St. Laud’s Churchyard in 1949. His gravestone inscription is written in Latvian and Gail has managed to get a loose translation of what appears to be a poem. She has been trying to trace the village in Latvia he originally came from and if there are any people alive who may have connections to him. So far she has been in touch with the Latvian Embassy and the Archives in Latvia who have written to her in Latvian!! If any members have the tiniest piece of information, let Gail know. She is particularly interested in finding out where the gravestone came from; Masons have no record of providing it.

PROGRAMME FOR 2009: We are working on the programme for 2009/10 and wonder if any members have ideas for speakers or themes for meetings. If you do, please speak to a member of the Committee. The February Open Meeting was to have been a film show presented by Peter Gardner. However, following his sudden death the Committee has decided to make this a tribute evening to Peter and show a selection of clips from his many films. Oliver Powell has been busy sorting through the collection of films and the evening will be compered by Philip Smith.

It only remains for the Committee to wish all members a very happy and peaceful New Year.

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