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Dear Members.

Les Milnes: Norman & Anita attended Les’ funeral on the 17th May. A copy of the tribute to Les by Commodore John Milne RN, has been given to us and will be added to the People file. John Milne, Les’s nephew, is a naval attache in Greece.

WEBSITE. Mark & Norman are still working on refining the website. In particular a more detailed tour of the Church is being developed.

Kay & Ollie are working on a project based on the history of the Pre-school Group. Pearl has offered to assist Kay. Permission has to be sought from parents, as group photos will be published on the Website.

CHURCH FETE: 22ND June. SAQ has suggested a "Bring & Copy" stand to encourage villagers to bring along their photos and documents for instant copying. Both photographically & electronically. This may encourage villagers to bring ephemera to be copied as it will not be then necessary to leave it in our hands.

CLUTCH CLUB. Kay Helen & I ran a stall on the Knoll on May Day. ‘Guess What the Object Is’ & also a raffle, this raised slightly in excess of £23-00. This will enable the ‘Club’ to function without going cap in hand to its members for film developing & stationery incidentals etc. Not a very nice day. Weatherwise.


  1. Philip Smith has given a new newspaper photo for the Burying of the Hatchet. It was published in the Guardian in 1935 and is of the procession along Church Road.
  2. Series of photographs from David Byrne of the Village Hall prior to it’s alteration in 1989/90. David was the architect & clerk of the works for the alterations.
  3. Conveyance documents of 2 School Lane for copying.
  4. Christening photographs have been lent to us for copying.
  5. Copy of petition to save the tree on the Knoll, from mutilation.
  6. Minutes of Golden Jubilee Committee meetings from Jane Coles.

7 Coronation Celebration Program from 1953 for copying.

8. We have been given permission by the Parish Council to electronically copy the Edith Lucas paintings. These are now recorded on 5 CD’s, at a good resolution. The PC is also happy for us to produce post cards, a calendar and notelets of the same. However, the question of who has the profits was not addressed!!

MEETINGS. Our next meeting is on Tuesday, 11th June and is the Walk ‘n’ Talk with Philip Smith. We will meet at the VH at 7:15pm, leave at 7:30pm and return by 9:30pm. Coffee/Tea will by offered to those who have not "peeled off" at one of the village historic watering holes! 40 tickets will be available – free to those members wanting one and the balance to be sold at £1 each. Norman asked members to notify him of their requirements ASAP. Notices will be put up around the village and one will be published in SCAN.

TREASURER’s REPORT: Mark reported that it has been a very quiet month. Our balance stands at approx. £1,100. He asked for ideas as to how we could use the money. An A3 scanner maybe a valuable aid to copying documents ?

MEMBERSHIP. We appear to have "lost" Sheila & Jesse Lines and Sue & Mick Tofts from our membership. They have not replied to our reminders. This is a great pity because both families were able to contribute to the queries we most often have, of 30 to 60 years ago.

Don’t forget this is your newsletter, so please feel free to comment how you feel. Or how you think the society should be run….


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