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Dear Members.

Grants, We have had a letter from MK, to inform us about Sustainable Development Grants, but this does not seem to apply to us. There is also a BT. offer of computers to enable small groups to access the internet that we will investigate. The enquiry is to be made through the BT web-site.

Edith Lucas. Now the Edith Lucas paintings are safely on disc, we have applied to the Parish Council for permission to reproduce these in various stationery forms. Notelets, Xmas cards, calendars, etc. This will be put on the agenda for the next meeting in September, regarding the disbursement of any profit made. We need to investigate the cost of commercially reproducing these articles of stationery, as they need to be of some reasonable quality to sell well. Especially the calendars. We have also been granted permission to copy onto disc the fragile documents stored by the PC in a steel tube container. We are not sure exactly what these documents are, but they do include the enclosure map 1796 & documents about various village affairs.

Northampton Mercury. An article regarding the theft of 2 horses from Sherington & the reward of half a guinea each for their return, was given to us by Ruth Mearden (Local studies centre) . It was published in the Northampton Mercury dated January 11th 1742. It refers to 2 Sherington names Thos Richards & John Simcoe.

Marie Osborne, from MK Museum has been investigating local rural crafts, we have noted Peter Gardner, Gunsmith; John Clifford, Cabinet Maker: Norman Arnold, retired Clockmaker, & to be added to the list Andrew Waters, Narrow Boat Maker: & Bob Feasey, Stone Mason.

Millennium Project. A letter from Barbara Gotts, regarding the Millennium Project, requesting that we put in some family details. Rather goes to show that some villagers did not take the project seriously enough & possibly now regretting this attitude.

School Log Books we have written to Linda Nouch, head teacher of Sherington School & the Board of Governors, requesting the loan of the school log books, so that the transcription started by Frances Parry can be completed by us. We have had a letter from Linda Nouch saying that she has no objection to this, but it will have to be okayed by the Board of Governors of the school. This should take place on the 10th July. Frances reckon that she has done about 40% of the transcription, which will be a great help.

E-mails, we have had 3 from various places, one looking for SINKFIELDS, not a name we associate with the village, although there is one buried in the churchyard this one from Canada. One for HICKSONS (passed on to Mark) this one from Weybridge. One from the Western Front Association, based at Bradwell Abbey. We were also given a programme of events for this WFA, if you are interested in WW1 historical research, talk to Norman about this.

Website, the 10 week course at the Living Archive Centre, Wolverton, has now come to an end. But the upgrading of Sherington Web-site will be ongoing for many months, with the gradual improvements showing week by week. Kay, with the help of Ollie, Roger, & Jane was able to record on disc many photos of the pre-school & school activities, which should help formulate the archive for the pre-school, & also to produce the Clutch Club school web-site. So a very worthwhile exercise, thank you all for taking part.

Artists. After the formalities at Tuesday’s meeting, Philip Smith opened a bag of goodies, pictures that he has gathered over the years from various Sherington artists. Pictures from Arthur Crump & some of the recollections he has of this famous Sheringtonian, by adoption. Philip as a young scamp knew him. Pictures by Paul Mann who invented & perfected a method of painting with cellulose paints, until then only used on motor car bodies. John Kitchen who is so well known & so distinctive in his style. And another whose name escapes me just now. An entertaining half hour while the refreshments were being served by Anita. Thank you, to you both.

Log books. We have been given permission to borrow the school log books. And are now in the process of transcribing these. But it is a MAMMOTH task, if any of you would like to help in this job, please we would like some help, speak to Norman or Sheila Q. Thanks

There being no meeting in August the next meeting in the village hall will be on Tuesday 10th of September.

Any comments ???


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