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The Parish Magazine - February 1912

The following is a transcript of the Sherington entry in the February 1912 copy of The Parish Magazine. A copy of the actual page is also shown below (courtesy of Ray Bailey).


Hymns for Sundays:

Feb. 4 - 34, 450, 309 (3rd) : 297. 489, 223, 24 (3rd.)
  ..   11 - 172, 434, 533: 292 (1st), 290, 524, 28 (3rd).
  ..   18 - 210, 512, 532: 531, 210, 569, 570: 82, 519, 277, 63.
  ..   25 - 92, 87, 543 529, 514, 90, 94.
Mar. 3 - 270, 600, 259: 261, 91, 254 (2nd), 636.

At Church Christmas-tide was nicely kept, and on Christmas Eve a good congregation met at Evensong when we had several old Carols. The offertory, as usual, was for coals for distribution in the parish ; coals were afterwards sent to some 2 dozen houses. It is a wonderful thought that the old Church has seen some 600 Christmases, and its ancient Norman predecessor 300 more ! " The voice of prayer is never silent, nor dies the strain of praise away.

Festivities.- Christmastime and the turn of the year brought their round of special gatherings. The Church decorating made many of us busy together for a day or two; the Ringers (in full numbers except for their respected leader, Mr. John Robinson, who we are sorry to say is seriously ill) met as usual at the Rectory, on Christmas Eve; another evening a successful Social gathering was held at the Schools, when some 70 attended, and the Musical Society members sang glees, while dancing, games, and competitions filled up a very pleasant four hours ; then the G.F.S. members had their night, when there was a very good muster of members and candidates ; and lastly there was the Sunday School evening, with its early tea at the Rectory and the large and heavily laden Christmas Tree in the School. We are most grateful to the many kind helpers, female and male, whose efforts made all " go " so well. The Christmas Tree bore a present for each Sunday School scholar (garments made by kind friends in Sherington and from far beyond) and also a little toy and some sweets , and, besides, there were some simple book-prizes for the best scholars in the classes. Most fortunately, though Christmas was well past, we secured Father Christmas himself to distribute the presents. We were glad to see that he bore his years excellently, being well set and of a comfortable roundness.

In Memoriam.- The beginning of the New Year was saddened for all of us by the passing away of Mr. John Field, the eldest present representative of a family that has been in Sherington since well back in the Eighteenth Century. Mr. Field had lived to celebrate his golden wedding-day and had " come to four-score years," and so far as vigour of body and mind was any guarantee, he might well have lived for many more ; he succumbed after a very short illness to an attack of influenza. The world is poorer for the loss of such men - straight living, active-minded, cheerful, unselfish. We tender our very real sympathy to his wife and family.

The Parish Magazine - February 1912


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