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On the last day of February 1908 the Council were read a letter from the Board of Agriculture and the Buckinghamshire County Council with regard to the Allotments Act 1907. Upon enquiry by members of the Council, and by public notice inviting applications for allotments, it was found that there was already 50 acres let out as allotments, in plots varying from 20 pole to 4 acres. The Council therefore replied that no further land was needed for this purpose.

By the outbreak of the First World War in September 1914 about 100 persons were cultivating allotments or garden plots.

In February 1920 the Rev'd Blomefield requested the Council to take over the responsibility of the Glebe allotments. These allotments were on the piece of land, roughly in the shape of a triangle bounded by the footpath slip between Church Road and Crofts End and these two roads.

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