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Fire Brigade

It was agreed on 17.02.1905 that the sum of 5.5.0 be paid, under the Parish Fire Engines Act, to Newport Pagnell Urban District Council for fire cover in the village for the year of 1905.

The Council, ever mindful of financial stringency wrote to Newport Pagnell UDC requesting a reduction in the annual charge owing to the disparity of charges between that for parishes further away from the fire station and itself. The reply quoted at the meeting of 15th April 1907 regretted that the UDC were unable to vary the amount contributed without it affecting the whole of the District.

The scheme was extended at the same rate until 1st January 1930 when under s276 Public Health Act 1875 Newport Pagnell Rural District Council were to provide fire cover for Sherington and 26 other parishes. The cost of this was to be levied as part of the rates and the Parish Council received a rebate cheque for 1/4/9d for the period 1st January to 31st March 1930.

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