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Village Hall

In April 1895 a property was offered to the Council for use as "a public room". A Committee made up of D Harding, W J Hickson and W Groom was charged with "enquiring into the desirability of purchasing property for the purpose of supplying a public room for the village" but found that the property offered was not suitable. The village hall was first mentioned in Parish Council minutes on 27th April 1948 when they met there.

In September 1967 the trustees of the village hall suggested that the Council might take over ownership so as to aid grant bids. This suggestion was not carried through but in September 1971 the Council was asked to appoint a representative on a new management committee which was to be established under the Council. Denis Cheeseman was appointed. However the committee never came under the auspices of the Council as the idea was dropped after the Village Hall Management Committee managed to get a 50% grant for an extension from the Ministry of Science and Education. The Council made a grant of 100.

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