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Burial Ground

In August 1965 the Parish Council were advised by the Parochial Church Council that there was only room for two years more of burial, and had they any ideas? The Parish Council bounced the question back asking 'had they any plans to extend the churchyard'. At the next meeting it was suggested that Major Chester be asked if he would be willing to sell pieces of land adjacent to the churchyard. The Major said that he would discuss this with his land agent. It later transpired, (May 1966) when the Rev. Bearman attended a meeting, that the land was not actually required. However, should it be needed, Souls Investments wanted 750 for extra land. What the PCC actually wanted was for the Parish Council to assist in the cost of running the churchyard. In September 1966 it was agreed to pay the PCC 25 p.a. towards the cost of mowing. In the 1980's the Council purchased some more land and gifted this, together with the rights to collect burial fees, to the Church.

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