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The village Charity Committee advised the Parish Council in March 1895 that Mr W Makeham had the custody of the awards of the parish. On 16th May 1899 the Clerk was instructed to make applications for the award (not awards) and give a receipt for the same.

The guardianship of the award moved from the Clerk to the Chairman in September 1914. In March 1933 however the Award could not be found by the Clerk when it was wanted, but it was eventually found to be with the rector, the Revd. Blomefield and it was agreed that it should remain in his custody.

Another charity, or rather Trust, came to light in October 1966 when without preamble the minutes said that the RDC had written about the Watts Family Trust. They had written to the Divisional Welfare Officer of British Railways suggesting that the two funds be combined and a trust established for the benefit of the Watts boys. The fund was to be wound up when they both reached 21 years of age. Three trustees were suggested; one from Wolverton Works, one from the RDC and one from the Parish Council. Mr G W Cook was nominated to the post.

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