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Introduction to Barry Hollis's Book

On 1st May 1995 Sherington Parish Council celebrated one hundred years of existence.

During this time the Parish Council has always played and active part in the running of the life of the village. It has always, thankfully, been run on non-party political lines with the Councillors combining to work for the benefit of the community. I served for two periods on the Council and at one time had the honour of being its Chairman.

This book was intended to be the history of the village as seen through the pages of the Minute Book and for it to cover the one hundred years up to the above date. I have, however, ceased the work as at 31st March 1977 as the minutes then became very detailed accounts of its activities and not the stuff of easy reading for me, or even if I had managed to distill it, for the benefit of the reader. From 1977 onwards the Council had to battle to maintain its position as one of the foremost parish council's in the area. This was not because others grew in stature but because of the seeming intransigence, obstinacy, and dare I say it oft incompetence, of Buckinghamshire County Council, Milton Keynes District Council (later unitary authority), Anglian Water, East Midlands Electricity and other utility providers and government departments who seemed either not to know or care about the problems of life in a small rural community.

To say that the Parish Council survives and is still working for the best it can get and give to the village is the best tribute that I can give to the hard working members.

The title of this work is a play upon words. The Newport Hundred was an old legislative area in Buckinghamshire and I thought that Sherington deserved the same honour. It also allowed me to bring in the word 'Hundred' for the one hundred years that I intended to write about.

The coat of arms on the cover is that which I was very pleased to be able to devise for the Parish Council in November 1994 as part of its preparations for the centenary celebrations. Although I drew up the original the artwork is by a very clever and learned heraldic artist, Roland Symons, to whom I offer very grateful thanks. The description and meaning is as follows:

I would like to thank the Chairman and members of Sherington Parish Council for allowing me access to their records. I would stress that except where words are in italics (and come verbatim from the minutes) all the other comments are purely mine and have no connection whatsoever to the Parish Council.

Barry R Holliss
Newport Pagnell
10th November 2001


This is the coat of arms from the cover of the book:

Crest from the cover of Barry Hollis's book


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