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February 2013

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 5th February 2013 at Sherington Village Hall, commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs D Keene (Chair), D Hyde, J Ager, A Denman and I Collinge

ALSO ATTENDING:Wendy Austyn (Clerk), Cllr K McLean (Sherington Ward) and four members of the public.

Cllr Northfield.

Cllr Collinge declared an interest in item 14.2.

The minutes of the meeting held on 8th January 2013 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

The clerk reported that no one had come forward so the parish council is now free to co-opt a new member. It was agreed to place the usual notice in SCAN, around the village and on the website. ACTION: Clerk

Cllr Keene reported that a final draft is on its way to the Shopco solicitor; a copy is to be circulated amongst councillors. ACTION: Cllr Keene

Cllr Collinge has analysed the 2011 census parish data and reported some very interesting results, including that the percentage of people over 60 has increased significantly and that the percentage of very young children and adults in the age 30-39 bracket has significantly decreased since 2001. Councillors commented on the potential impact of these findings. The analysis and data tables will be made available on the website and it was agreed to place a note in SCAN to make people aware of this and inviting comments. ACTION: Cllr Collinge, Clerk

Cllr Keene reported concerns of properties on the High St next to Masons field flooding in heavy rain; it was noted that a trench has been dug in this field to help channel water straight into the ditch and it was agreed to monitor the situation.

Cllr Denman noted that parking issues seem to have eased up a little in Perry Lane, however he will monitor it and come up with proposals for more parking; it was also agreed to investigate having a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) to reduce the speed limit in the village. MKC has announced it will place wooden posts on the corner grass verge at the top of Crofts End where it turns into Bedford Road, the clerk has asked for detailed drawings of these proposals before they are carried out. ACTION: Clerk


9.1 New woodland trees from school. Sherington School has received 30 free trees from the Woodland Trust and has asked if the parish council would like them planted at Stonepits Copse by the children. It was agreed that these could be planted where there are spaces and where a few of the original trees have died. It is possible that a few could also be planted near the new shop, the clerk will consult Shopco. The parish council has also received an offer of some pine saplings, it was agreed that no more than 20 could be planted at Stonepits Copse but in a corner cluster rather than spread about. It was agreed to ask that Stonepits is mown and sprayed again this Spring. ACTION: Clerk

9.2 Possible Youth Club 2013 project. The clerk has contacted MKC regarding the idea of painting the rear of the council owned garages that face the children's play area at the Recreation Ground, and is awaiting a response. The Youth Club has indicated its support of this project and the parish council has allocated some of its 2013/14 budget for the resources needed, in anticipation of a positive outcome. ACTION: Clerk

9.3 A greener Sherington. Sherington Nurseries on Bedford Road has informed the parish council of its intention to plant four acres of woodland in conjunction with the Woodland Trust and Forestry Commission. The planting of the wood including an oak from the Queen's estate will be entered into the Queen's Jubilee book. It was agreed to suggest to Sherington Nurseries that this is publicised to the village. The chairman commented that Sherington as a whole is becoming greener with more trees being planted recently on private land as well as public. ACTION: Clerk


10.1 Bank Account balance at 5th February 2013 £15112.38

10.2 Cheques for payment were as follows:

05/02/2013Prepared Payroll Solutions Payroll services £72.00 102074
05/02/2013Wendy Austyn Clerk's salary £91.46 102075
05/02/2013Martin Jeeves Perry Lane caretaker and bookings £100.00102076
05/02/2013R A Denman (replaces void cheque 102073) Repair pavilion heater £60.00 102077
05/02/2013Nina Beal Pavilion cleaner £42.00 102078

10.3. 2013/14 Precept. At a meeting on 8th January 2013 the parish council agreed to ask MKC for £20972 which when topped up with the new government funded allocation of £1021 brings the total sum to £21993 which represents a reduction from last year of 0.3%.

10.4. MKC Highways Capital scheme. Further to last month's meeting councillors were asked to consider Highway issues that could have funds allocated by MKC to address. In Public Comments a resident suggested that converting the remainder of the small residents' car park on School Lane near the junction with Crofts End would help to ease parking issues on Crofts End and Perry Lane whilst making good use of the land. It was agree to apply to the scheme by the February deadline and hope for a successful outcome with another opportunity to apply by August 2013 anticipated. ACTION: Clerk

10.5. Village mowing and Perry Lane groundswork contract. The current mowing contractor DC Blunt has offered a three year renewal at the same price and this was accepted. In order to ensure the parish council is getting Best Value the clerk requested another quote for the groundswork contract at the Recreation Ground which came in at only slightly more expensive than the current contractor.

10.6. MKCF funding application for MKPA play sessions. The clerk informed the parish council that it had been again unsuccessful in its application for funding. The parish council has however allocated £2000 from its 2013/14 budget to fund sixteen sessions over the spring and summer. ACTION: Clerk

10.7. MKC Parish Community Safety Fund. Whilst details of the application process are still awaited, councillors were asked to consider a lighting solution at the Recreation Ground car park. Cllr Denman will put together estimated costings of a few different possible solutions. ACTION: Cllr Denman


11.1. 12/02665/TCA 1 Leys View - Tree maintenance in a conservation area This had already been permitted by MKC before any comment from the parish council.

11.2. Decisions. Applications from 25 High St, 1 End Farm Water Lane and 1 Leys View have been permitted.


12.1. Pavilion management group. There was no report this month; the chairman commented that bookings seem to be on the increase.


13.1. NECAF 6th March 7.30pm Sherington Pavilion With the meeting being held in the village next month it was agreed to publicise it as much as possible. ACTION: Clerk


14.1. Broadband in the Borough Roadshow MKC Communications office Rachel Munday is organising public drop-in sessions in relation to the borough's broadband services. It was agreed to suggest a village hall booking. ACTION: Clerk

14.2. White Hart license variation application deadline 13th Feb The parish council has been invited to comment on the application to extend the White Hart opening hours to 00:30 from Monday to Thursday, 01:00 Fridays and Saturdays and 23:30 on Sundays. Councillors were made aware of several residents' objections and three residents came to the meeting with concerns regarding public nuisance. After discussion the consensus reached was that small businesses in the village should be supported, but the variation could exacerbate current parking and noise disturbance issues. The issues are finely balanced. The chairman then proposed to meet with the pub's landlord, or his representative, to discuss ideas for compromise and conditions that could be imposed to mitigate any public nuisance. Cllr McLean also offered to contact the Licensing Officer and enquire about Temporary Event Notices and the consideration of a compromise to the current application. ACTION: Cllr Keene, Cllr McLean

14.3. Letter re dog fouling A letter has been received complaining about the amount of dog foul that is not cleared up by owners. It was agreed to contact the Dog Warden and ask for a police presence. ACTION: Clerk

14.4. MKC Core Strategy public consultation on main modifications, deadline 27th February 2013 Cllr Keene reported that the only modification that affects Sherington is the inspector's withdrawal of any reference to development east of the M1. It was agreed there was no need to respond.

14.5. MKC Electoral Review Draft Recommendations, deadline 18th March 2013 Following the previous consultation period the recommendation remains to have 19 three councillor wards in Milton Keynes despite Sherington ward's request to remain a single councillor ward. It was agreed to defer a response until after the March meeting.

14.6. MKC Draft Licensing Policy 2013-18, deadline 19th April 2013 It was agreed to defer a response until after the March meeting, the clerk will circulate a hard copy of the proposals ACTION: Clerk


15.1 Cllr McLean asked Cllr Collinge if he could share his analysis of the 2011 Sherington census data with some other rural parish councils and suggest they may like to do the same exercise. Cllr Collinge agreed.

15.2 Cllr McLean has now received an application from Sherington Youth Club to his ward based fund.

15.3 Cllr McLean reported on plans to increase the percentage of planning applications that are determined under delegated powers rather than be presented to the Development Control Committee or Panel. Proposals include giving parish councils one week to respond to a Delegated Decision i.e. one made by a planning officer rather than the committee. Cllr McLean reported that all the political groups had commented adversely about this proposal as the time allowed would not be manageable by parishes. An update would be provided at the next meeting.


16.1 A resident reported several potholes and loose kerbstones around the village. The clerk reminded residents that it is most likely that these have to be reported to Environmental Services at MKC before they will be dealt with. ACTION: Clerk

16.2 A resident commented that the issue of ditches on Alban Hill has still not been resolved. It was noted that some work has been carried out recently but the problem of there being nowhere for water coming off the fields to go apart from onto the road in places still remains. It was agreed to contact MKC for assistance with this, Cllr McLean gave the clerk some names of officers to contact. ACTION: Clerk

16.3 As per items 8 and 10.4 a resident suggested converting the remainder of the residents' car park on School Lane.


17.1 Cllr Keene reported that another village fete is being planned at the Recreation Ground on Saturday 22nd June with an ideas meeting to be held on Saturday 23rd February in the Village Hall

18. DATE OF NEXT MEETING The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 5th March 2013 at the Village Hall commencing at 7.30 pm. There being no further business the meeting ended at 10.05 pm

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