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Parish Council Minutes

November 2012

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 6th November 2012 at Sherington Village Hall, commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs D Keene (Chair), J Ager, D Hyde, M Northfield, A Green, A Denman and I Collinge

ALSO ATTENDING:Wendy Austyn (Clerk), Cllr K McLean (Sherington Ward) and six members of the public

Cllr Green's apologies for the October meeting were accepted.

Cllr Northfield declared an interest in item 4.

The minutes of the meeting held on 2nd October 2012 were agreed as a true record and signed by the acting Chairman.

Cllr Northfield reported that a response is still awaited from both solicitors. It was agreed that the length of time being taken to resolve this issue is unacceptable and that it should be urgently chased up. ACTION: Cllrs Keene and Northfield

The clerk reported on the events of 18th October 2012 when an apparent "tornado" went over Sherington at around 2.30am. Significant damage to property including fences, roofs and trees was reported throughout the village although many other properties were unaffected. Two trees at the village hall play area were blown down and the horse chestnut in the pre-school play area lost several branches, one of which put a small hole in the village hall roof. MKC were quick to respond in removing a fallen tree on Carters Close green and those at the village hall play area at a cost to the parish council of £175. The horse chestnut was pollarded and made safe by Oakland Tree Services on Sherington Road at an agreed cost of £220. Expenditure for tree maintenance had been budgeted for at the beginning of the year and approved by councillors via email. Thanks go to Phil Smith and Jason Down for helping to clear away fallen branches. The clerk has been in touch with the parish council's insurer who has confirmed cover is in place for any public liability claim regarding trees at the village hall. It was noted that there is photographic evidence on the village website and that the parish council can provide a supporting statement to any resident requiring assistance with an insurance claim.


6.1 Update on Play Area Fund for Adult Fitness Equipment. The clerk reported that no one has offered any comments or objections to the proposals; it was agreed that the pavilion management committee should now be involved in deciding exactly what equipment can be purchased and where at the recreation ground. The clerk will try to attend the next meeting on 13th November. ACTION: Clerk, Cllr Ager

6.2 Noticeboards and Knoll pump. Thanks to the kind efforts of Tony Pilcher the village noticeboards have all been spruced up over recent months and in particular the gold lettering on the parish council noticeboard has been re-stencilled. The pump on the Knoll has also received a makeover. Thanks were extended to Tony Pilcher.

6.3 Update on new village seating and donation. The clerk has continued to research costs of recycled plastic seats for the recreation ground and how best to install them, a quote for installation has also been received. It was agreed that the pavilion management committee should decide exactly where to place them; the clerk will try to attend the next meeting on 13th November. An offer to donate a wooden bench opposite Manor Farm has been received from the family of the late Peter Cook. This offer was strongly welcomed by the parish council. The clerk confirmed that there is no saving to be had on delivery costs by using the same company so Sally Cook has agreed to try and source the bench locally. ACTION: Clerk

6.4 Parking and Traffic issues in village - December meeting. The clerk reported that PC Andy Perry and PCSO Pat Flynn from TVP were able to come to the December meeting to offer advice and information on parking and traffic issues. After some discussion it was agreed to invite a Highways Officer from MKC as well. ACTION: Clerk

6.5 Registers of Interest. The clerk reported that one form is still awaited. ACTION: Cllr Denman

6.6 January meetings. As the first Tuesday of January 2013 falls on the bank holiday of 1st January it was agreed to hold the parish council meeting on 8th January and the precept meeting on 15th January, venues to be confirmed. ACTION: Clerk


7.1 Bank Account balance at 6th November 2012 £21787.29

7.2 Cheques for payment were as follows:

06/11/2012Nexus Cleaning Supplies Toilet/hand towels for pavilion £82.90 102047
06/11/2012Oakland Tree Services Ltd Tree pollard village hall play area £264.00 102048
06/11/2012Wendy Austyn Clerk's salary £119.29 102049
06/11/2012Wendy Austyn Clerk's expenses £16.81 102050
06/11/2012Martin Jeeves Perry Lane caretaker and bookings £100.00 102051
06/11/2012Nina Beal Pavilion cleaner £66.50 102052
06/11/2012Bernard Crook Garden Services Stonepits Copse mowing £144.00 102053


8.1. 12/02176/TCA Home Farm 53 High St - Notification of intention to carry out tree work; lift crown to 6 ft and reduce crown by 20% of 1 Beech tree and remove two self -seeded Rowan trees There were no adverse comments.

8.2. Decisions. The application for 1a Gun Lane has been permitted


9.1. Pavilion management group. Cllr Ager reported the date of the next meeting as Tuesday 13th November


10.1. Next NECAF 5th December 7.30pm Weston Underwood Cllr Hyde will attend.

10.2. Next NAG meeting 22nd November. Cllr McLean encouraged Sherington residents to get involved with this forum.


11.1. Request for NECAF agenda items for meeting 5th December Councillors have been asked for suggestions, to be submitted by 10th November.

11.2. MKC revised Parishes Protocol Councillors had no comments to make.

11.2. MK Regeneration Strategy 2012-2017 Councillors had no comments to make.

11.3. MKC Review of Resident Involvement Cllr Denman agreed to ask some of the village's council residents if they were aware of this consultation.ACTION: Cllr Denman

11.4. MKC Public Open Space strategy This was deferred until the December meeting

11.5. Cycling strategy for Milton Keynes This was deferred until the December meeting


12.1 Residents of Sherington Bridge expressed their dissatisfaction with the response from MKC Highways and re-raised concerns over the recent increase in heavy traffic. It was reported that some of the road gulleys are loose which contributes to the noise, this will be reported. ACTION: Clerk

12.2 The hedge on the road to Newport Pagnell has still not been cut back, to be chased again. ACTION: Clerk

12.3 Cllr McLean reported that a consultation regarding the proposed industrial development site by the LandRover garage will commence in early 2013.

12.4 Cllr McLean reported that the electoral boundary review is due to be in its final stages in early 2013 and further comments from parish councils will be requested.

12.5 A resident enquired as to the significant impact on the village if the ash trees are affected by disease. It was agreed to ask MKC if they have any current plans of action. ACTION: Clerk


13.1 Cllr Northfield gave an update on the shop. The ramps and path from the shop to the play area are now complete. Volunteers are needed to undertake the landscaping.

13.2 Cllr Hyde reported that flood water on the road to Newport Pagnell doesn't seem to be running away very quickly.

14. DATE OF NEXT MEETING The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 4th December 2012 at the Village Hall commencing at 7.30 pm. There being no further business the meeting ended at 8.40pm

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