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The communal village pump is situated on The Knoll. The common rumour was that the water from the pump was condemned by the local water authority in the 1970's as it did not reach public health standards. So a bracket was put on the handle. Or that maybe they couldn’t put a water meter on it.

But as normal the truth is a little more boring.

The spring that fed the pump is located at the top end of the play area behind the Village Hall. From this spring the water was fed by gravity to a sump underneath the pump. This spring was given a concrete lid (at present we are not sure why) and this then stopped the water flowing.

At this point the water in the sump and the pipe became stagnant and the bracket was put on at this time.

The pump has had its fair share of publicity, as it was the centre of attention in 1935 and again in 1995 when it was the focal point of the Burying the Hatchet events.

Then ...
 Village pump - archive photo
... and Now
 Village pump - re-enactment Village pump - re-enactment
 Village pump - re-enactment

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