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Rose and Crown


1796 Enclosure Map shows the Rose and Crown as plot No. 27

The 1796 Enclosure Map records two public houses near the Knoll: the 'Rose and Crown' (Plot No. 27) and the Swan (Plot No.167). Thomas Meacher is recorded as the owner of both. It is not known if Thomas Meacher was the actual publican at either of his two pubs - he may have been an absentee landlord. However, he was also allotted a small field further up the High Street (Plot 10) as a result of the enclosures.

The site of the Rose and Crown, on the corner of Water Lane, is now occupied by Virginia House Stores, but this was not built until 1857.

Next door but one to the Rose and Crown is the 'Crown and Castle' building, Plot 25 on the map, but this is simply recorded as 'Cottage and garden' (owned by Thomas Odell) on the 1796 map, rather than a public house. However, by the time of the 1830-1 Pigot Directory the 'Crown and Castle' was competing with the Swan and the 'Rose and Crown' is not listed. It is not known when the 'Rose and Crown' first opened or when it closed. Perhaps the business simply moved two doors away at some point.

Plot 198 is recorded on the Enclosure Map as a 'House and Garden' owned by John Richards, who also owns the 'Little Nursery', Plot 24. In the Universal British Directory of 1790-8, John Richards is recorded as Innkeeper of the King's Head and Nursery and Seedsman. So in the period around 1800, there were four different pubs operating at various times around The Knoll. Only the Swan is still in operation today, although the Crown and Castle building still survives as a private house.





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