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School Newspaper - 1957/8


This is a list of people named in these 'Newspaper Articles':-

	....West			A.Garratt 
	A. Stephan			Agnes Watts
	Alan .....			Andy Cruikshank
	B. Umney   			Barry Tofts
	Ben Line			Brian Moore  
	Brian Odell			Brian Umney
	Brian.....			Carol Wise
	Colin Maxwell			Cynthia ....
	Cynthia Umney  		        Dale .....
	Dave Coles			David Austin
	Dr. Clay			Dr. Griffiths
	Dr. Gurney			Gladys Ireland
	Ian Donnelly			Jackie Coles 
	Jean ...			Jenny .....
	Jenny Stephens    		Jill ....
	Joan Bennett 			M.T. 
	Michael Smith			Michael Temple 
	Michael Tofts      		Mr. Smith
	Mr. Walkins			Mr. Cook
	Mr. Stephens			Mrs. Bailey
	P. Wiseman 			Pauline ....
	Peter Austin			Peter ....
	Roger Andrews 			Roger Chapman 
	Roger ....			Sandra Middleton 
	Sheila .....			Sir Frank Markham
	Steven West			Sylvia .......
	Tony Stanley			Trevor Bennett
	Vivien ....
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