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School Newspaper - 1957/8

The Sherington News (Senior Edition) - Part 1

September 18th, Yesterday my baby sister Jill split her lip and she went to doctor Griffiths. He was not there so she same doctor Gurney and she gave mummy some cream to put onit.

September 18th Tonight Sir Frank Markham is going to speak on the knoll he is going to talk about conservativs. He is the member of parliament for the Buckingham division.September 18th Today it is warm. There are lots of wasps about. When we were having prayers a wasp crawled on Sylvias shoe. Just as it was about to go on her leg it flew off.

September 19th Yesterday two of Sheila’s friends come over from Newport. I went blackberrying with them and Sheila. Sheila gave all her blackberries to her friend. They went back about 7-15.

September 18th Yesterday I went to have my haircut. The girl rushed it and she has cut it all ends Mummy does not like it and she is not taking me there any more.

September 18th Yesterday I went to the library. I took Carol Wises books back for her. I got her some more but I did not get myself any because I shall not be here to return them because I am going on holiday.

September 16th This morning I went to feed our rabbit. I gave sow-thistle and dandelion leaves. I also gave it a weetabix with butter and a dish of milk.

Sep18. Last night I had my hair cut. Before I had my hair cut I dug a piece of dirt out of the bank by the side of the fence. Ben Line cuts my hair. Ben is my uncle, and he own a wood yard. This morning I got up at half past 7. After I had had my breakfast I dug some more of the bank out

Sep19. Today I cut down some stinging nettles. Yesterday I went to Gun Lane to do some boxing I beat Michael by high points. A policeman came and asked us were playing so we said we were playing boxing. (Warwick Lines)

September 16th. Today there are a lot of wasps about. One has settled on my leg but I knocked it of before it could sting me. We see a lot of wasps now when the fruit is getting ripe.

Sherington News

September 16. Yesterday morning Sylvia and I went across the fields and picked some black berrieswe got a basket full and some in a bag. And altogeather we got 6lb. And Sylvia took them took them to school to make a tart.

September 16th During the weekend my uncle came down from yorkshire to see us on the way he saw a car turned over in a ditch. He thought there might be someone in it. There was not anyone in it but the windows were all smashed and there was a lot of damage done.

Sherington News

Yesterday I painted our newspaper. When the teacher comes to look at our diary, if there is anything interesting he will put it in the paper.

September 17. Yesterday at 3 o clock it started to rain it gradually increased. At four o clock it was raining very fast and I had to take my brothers rain-coat on my bike and give it to him at the bus stop.

September 16th 1957. One Friday dinnertime when I turned the corner I saw Michael lying on the ground I thought he had just fallen off his bike but he had fallen and caught his sock in the chain, so I called mummy and she got it out for him.

September 24th. On Saturday King Haakon King of Norway died now his son is King. I saw King Haacom’s son’s Picture in the paper his name is King Olaf.

Sherington News

September 24th. Today it is very wet and cold. Yesterday was the first day of Autumn. There are lots of leaves on the ground and in school we have made a book to stick the Autumn leaves in.

September 25th. Last Monday we had some new singing together books. We have singing on Mondays and Thursdays. We had singing on Monday and so we sang three songs.

September 27th Yesterday evening I went to get our rabbit some straw. Stephen and Sylvia came too. Sylvia has also got a rabbit. We asked Mr Cook for the straw and we each had a big armful. It was about half a bale altogether. While we were coming up the road Michael asked us if he could pull it up on their trolley.

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