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The Sherington News (Senior Edition) - Part 3

Sherington News

September27 Joan Bennett. At dinner time Jenny tried to kill a wasp and got stung on the ankle. Her ankle was all swollen up and it affected her eye too. Jenny couldnít walk because of her ankle so she sat in an arm chair in the teachers study. The next day her eye wasnít so bad but she went to the doctor and he gave her some ointment and medicine.

October 4th Lastnight I went to the library and chose a book called The Stolen Jewels. It is interesting and exciting. I also have another book called The Ship of Adventure witch Cynthia says it is exciting too. I like reading very much.

Sherington News

October 7th 1957. Last Tuesday I was in bed with the flu. My brother has been in bed with it since Sunday and he has been very ill. Today I am glad to say I am able to come back to school and make up for the time I have lost.

Last night I got some car numbers. Then David Austin came down to play football. He came back and told me to go on Davids bike and see if Steven West is going to play footballagain tonight.

Sherington News

Last Sunday when my sister came home from Sunday school she said that she had stomach ache and she had a temperature of 100 Ĺ . Mummy told her to go to bed. She has not school all the rest of the week. There are 14 people away from school to-day; most of them have flu. I am very lucky for I have been sitting with Sandra Middleton and Michael Tofts and I havenít yet got flu although they are both away with it.

Yestrday when I was coming to school I sen a double wing aeroplane. It flew over Cooks field then over the council houses then into the clouds. There were some cows mooing in the field when it went over.

Oct 4th 1957. A lot of people have got the flu. 10 people got it from school, and there are 20 left Yesterday there was a patch of wet on the school ceiling. It is still there now but it is not so bad.

Oct 4th. It has been a very nice week, the sun has been out a lot and it hasnít rained much. Yesterday ther was some water up on the roof so the teacher and the caretaker got a ladder and they went to see what the trouble was. There was a power cut and it went off at 8-0 and on at 11-0 and Mrs Bailey was wondering how she was going to cook our dinner.

September 30. To-day Ian Donnely is not at school because he has got the flu and he was going to have his polio prick today but he cant now. Agnes Watts also not very well She has got an upset tummy and she cant sit up or lay on her side So she is not at school nother.

This morning I saw a baby Robin it was triyin to get a worm euit of the ground they were bothe were tugin at the some time and the worm bruk in half and the uther half the robin eat up it went to looked for some more and wen it was finished it looking for a nother worm an but then it flowe away. W.

Sept 24 1957. Andy Cruikshanks, last night the was a storm. It started at about 4 oíclock this morning and has not stopped yet. It is dangous to ships on the sea because it makes the sea very rough. Especially to the sailing ship Pamir which has fifty boys onboard. We have heard sence that the Pamir has sunk and most of the boys drowned.

Last night Michael brian and I went to collect stuff for our bonfire and at six o clock I went home. This morning I was stung by a wasp and I went home and my mum put some blue bag on it.

The flu as started in our village and in other places too. My friends brother caught it, then in about three days time Sandra caught it, she still has it but her sister hasnít got the flu yet. A few people are away from school with the flu there is only twenty in the class today out of thirty four. I, havenít got the flu yet.

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