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School Newspaper - 1957/8

The Sherington News (Senior Edition) - Part 4

Sherington News

Ouct 14,1957. This morning my brother is not very well and I think he has got the asian -flu. This morning there has been a frost and in shady places the frost is still on the ground.

This morning before I came into the playground I watched a diesel tractor digging out dirt in the bank to make the road wider.

Oct 14 MT. On Monday the sun was shining and on Tuesday Rogher had a cold and a head hock and when he woke up on wenday morning he had the aisen flu. Yesterday we we went for a natcher walk and we went up muddy lone and when sor michael Tofs and bory Tofs and doved Ostin. To Morrow it will be my birthdor and I will be ten.

Today nearly every body is back from the flu we had ??? away with it and me included there is still two away and that is two brothers.

Oct 15th 1957 This morning I was in bed I saw a yellow hammer, jenny wren, and a sparrow a starling too, on the chapel wall I got up late because I went to bed at nine o’clock last night. (With a drawing of 3 birds on the Chapel wall).

Yesterday I went collecting for bonfire night with Brian Umney and we ripped up paper and putiton but it is raining it was round grines and it is a hie one roger is coming too. Nearly all the fireworks will be bangers. I am going to have some rockets and four pretty ones and I might go raiding with some more boys and Roger

Sherington News

October 14. On Sunday I am going to the harvest Agnes, Jean, Dale and I are going up the gardens to get some things I also am taking some flowers and some eggs and apples. (A drawing of a garden & some harvest produce).

October 14th. Yesterday afternoon it was harvest festival. Jill my sister went and she was taking and singing all the time she walked round with me and bumped her head on a chair and mummy had to Jill on her lap. She was playing with mumys poppets. Mummy says she won’t take Jill again.

Oct 11. Roger Chapman. The other night Roger Andrews and Alan and I were collecting for the bonfire. Alan was pushing the barrow and I went to put a branch on it and it tipped over. Some of the branches fell off and I started coughing. One lady said don’t burn the village down.

Yesterday Tony Stanley came to fetch our wireless. We are going to have it back today. Yesterday I went to the library and I have brought a book to school. It is called “Looking at History” About 3 o clock yesterday we went for a nature walk and we brough a lot of things back.

News of the week. A. Cruikshanks. Oct 6th 1957. Yesterday I came back to school after a week. I stayed away because of a cold, sore throat and headache. So mummy called the doctor in and he said I had Asian flu.

Oct 10th 1957. Today I am going to the library at Newport on my bike to change my books for some more books.

Sherington News

October 11th Sandra Middleton. For our nature walk this week we went for a walk up muddy lane. We got a large collection of berries and leaves and we also looked for seeds….. Yesterday afternoon Jenny Brian and I went into the dining space to work on the long tables for we are making a model of a sky scraper. (drawings of cornflower, woody nightshade, sky scraper etc)

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