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The Sherington News (Senior Edition) - Part 5

Sherington News

Octber 11th Jenny Stephens. This week in geography we are making a sky scraper. It is to be made of matchboxes and newspaper. We are working on the USA and Canada in geography. We are also making a book and drawing a map about Canada. We are also going to make a whaleback which is a ship which carries wheat down the Canadian rivers…… In history we are making a Tudor time chart. I prefer history to geography. I am making a little book on how the Tudor dress…… Yesterday we went for a nature walk along muddy lane. We collected a big bunch of flowers. I found two purple leaves. (a decorated page).

October 11th, Yesterday afternoon our class went for a nature walk. The infants had come back from there walk when we went. They got a basket of black berries. We went to get some leaves for Autumn leaves book. We went up muddy lane. It was very muddy and we got our shoes stuck with mud. We also got several twigs with berries on.

Brian Moore, Oct 14th. This week there are more people back but there are still some away with flu. Yesterday we went for a nature walk and the teacher said we were to find leaves and seeds. When we got back he said that if we could do so we could make our own nature book if we liked and I am going to make one for our group.

Tonight I am going to have a bath and in the morning we are going to Olney and my mum is going to the hospital and Vivien and Pauline are staying at Olney Pauline is staying with my auntie Bet and Jean Vivien and I are going to stay at my auntie Babs.

Roger Chapman. Sept 27. Last night I played football Peter was in goal first and he saved a lot of shots. My brother was next and when he came out it was my brother. And I was kicked by Roddy Stanley but the game started again and Colin and I won.

Feb3rd. A. Garratt. On an 17 we sat for the scholar ship the results have not come yet. I do not think I shall pass but I hope I shall. My number was A5, I sat near the radiators and then I was moved over to the piano. Smithfield market has been on fire for over a week three firemen were killed and some were smoked out. The fire is still smoking now. We are playing football and the last score is about 5 – 0 to the opposite side I am playing on Roger Chapmans our captain.

January 31 1958, Joan Bennett. Last Friday we had guides and the nurse is our Lieutenant we had an inspection and Captain inspected our pockets to see if we had every thing right in them. In our patrol which is heather patrol we have made screens so that the other patrols can’t see what we have got inside. The screens have things pinned onto them, Pat Stephens is my patrol leader and she is very nice and she doesn’t boss us about….. On Sunday was my birthday and I had lots of fun. I didn’t have a party because mummy said I was too old but I had a card from mum and dad and a card from Pam, Leslie, and Trevor, and a card from Sandra & I had an exercise book and pencil from Sandra.

Feb 3 1958. Andrew. In London the was a big fire and it is still smouldering now. Two firemen got killed and a maket square got burnt to ashes. There were at least firehouses on fire a man got killed in it too. The funeral was yesterday and there were two hundred people there. And there was hundreds of flowers. (drawing of a hearse)

Sherington News

Michael Tofts, February 3rd 1958. On Monday it was my birthday and I had two cards. That night when dad came home he gave me half a crown from my auntie Marg. The next day I did not have anything until dad came home at five 0 clock he gave me a ten shilling not(e) from my auntie Betty who lives in Olney…. During the holidays I played with Brain Umney. We played in Bancroft at spear throwing. We were aiming at an old saucepan which we put in the ground……. The Monte Carlo rally started on January 22nd. The Sports View car number 331 did not have any luck.

January 20th. Last Saturday it was the British Legion party, Mr Stephens gave us a small piece of frosted glass to draw a picture on afew days before a man from Wolverton sent them. We had a lovely tea and afterwards we played musical chairs. Colin Maxwell won in the older ones and Michael Smith one in the little ones. After this we had films which were shown by the man from Wolverton. He also showed us the pictures we had drawn they were shown on the screen much bigger. The school children sang some songs with Mr Stephens. Jennifer, Sylvia and I recited a poem and the man from Wolverton recorded it back to us. When the party was over we each had a balloon an ice cream and an orange. Cynthia Umney (a drawing of the party).

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