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The Sherington News (Senior Edition) - Part 7

On Saturday the Church fete was held in Bancroft Manor. Mummy and Mrs Goodman were on a hand work stall, with Mrs Church. Mrs White was on sweets with Mrs Barker and Mrs Loxley and Mrs Devoney were on the groceries. They had croquet and clock golf and many other side shows. There was Morris dancing and the Stoke Bell Ringers. Daddy was on the skittles and darts with Koster I sold some button-holes and I made about 7s-0d Rosemary Moore presented the bouquet to Lady Fraser and the fete was open. I helped after it had finished and we had a lorry ride to the village hall. We took the chairs and tables in the hall and then we went home.

On Saturday I went to the Sherington Church fate. Jackie and I were on a picking a straw stall, you had to pick a straw and if you were lucky and have a piece of paper in the end you win a prize, Margaret and Freda were on the penny and bucket game All you have to do was to drop a penny over a sixpence in a bucket of water, if you get the penny over the sixpence you win the sixpence. Rosemary Moore presented the bouquet to Lady Fraser. The Brownies collected £1-17s-6d. Myrtle Peach won a raffled box of groceries. Peter Austin 3s on a game called tumbling. Pat Stephens won 5s on a bowling game. Trevor Bennett won a game of crquet. Mrs Slater won a jar of sweets. Altogether we raised about £70. …. Cynthia Umney.

Monday June 16th. On Sunday Barry and Ian found a baby sparrow in the bottom of the hedge. Ian caught the sparrow and brought it home, and we put it in a box. When I went home I gave the bird some bread and milk. Then I put the sparrow in a box and put it in the barn, and locked it up. The next day when I went to see if it was alive it had got out of the box. I hunted everywhere but could not see it . At dinner time I found it behind the barn door, dead. I dug a hole in the garden and buried it. .. At the Fete…. At the Fete on Saturday Andy Cruikshanks and I sold 400 tickets and collected about £3. Miss Peach won the box of groceries, and Mr Smith won the box of fruit………. Michael Tofts.

I went for a walk with Ronny Loley. We went up dunkums and we saw alot of bullocks charching down the field so we got back over the fence and went in the other field. We saw two lambs in a little field, the lambs came running to see us we brook some baranches and gave it to them. They ate out of our hands and when we started to walk over to the other side they followed us. We got them some more branches and them to them to eat. Then I got over the fence and we started to go home….. This morning when I came down the road to school I saw a song thrush hopping up and down Mrs Sparlings Garden. I watched it getting worms out of the ground.

June 16 1958. Andrew Donnelly. Last night Barry Tofts and Ian caught a little sparrow it had been cut under its chest and it was hungry and barry gave it some bread Michael got a box and put pieces of wood so that it could not get out. Then we went for a walk and when I had a look at it it was eating some bread and milk and then Barry put it in the barn. And this morning it was gone.

June 16… On Friday it was my birthday when I came out of school I went to Newport with my Mum she boght me a pair of football boets and socks the boets black and white the socks are black and red. … We bought the boots at the Co-op then we went to Mister Friday and I bought a Vanwall racing car.

Carole Turner. September 18th…. Our cat Sooty had a kitten last night but it was not fed inside her so it died and mummy buried it. The weather is very misty this morning and the announcer said on the weather forecast that it would rain after lunch. We are going to have blackberry pie for dinner today. Roger, Penny and I got the blackberries.

Last night. On Tuesday Belinda Clare cut her head open. Mrs Clare took Belindas bandage off this morning and it has healed up well.

Sept 18 1958…. Yesterday Richard came to stay at nannys and Belinda went up to play with Richard. Most of yesterday morning they were gathering conkers. Richard got 83 conkers. When I came home from school we had a game of horses. Richard and I were horses and Belinda was the horse-man. Belinda was out in the fields and when we were in the fields we got some more conkers.

Oct 7. .Yesterday our class and five of the infants went on Wesleys coach to Newport Pagnell where we saw a play. Moon Magic was the name of the play and the actors and actresses were a dancing doll, an old lady, a professor, a girl called Jenny, Mr Fortune maker of dreams, Peter Simple his assistant, the moon Queen, and her servant, and Mr Sly and Mr Slick, two crooks….. I liked the dancing doll best out of all the actors and I think I liked the first (half of the play) better than the second half. …. Andy Cruikshanks.

October 6th… On Tuesday Pope John the 23rd was crowned. The ceromony started at 7-30 in the morningand ended at about twelve o’clock. The pope wore magnificent robes embroided with silver and gold and on his finger was a huge ring which he will wear on special ocations. The triple which was on (continued on the next page) his head was studded with precious stones. In the mass the pope drank from a golden chalice. He had to kiss the holy book and kiss the alter to pay homage to saint Peter. All the cardinals kiss the popes hand and foot to pay homage to him……. Sylvia Keech.

October 13th, Alan. On Saturday I went to Cranfield Aerodrome to see the planes I got in one but never went up. Warwick Line came with us in the van, it was very exciting. On Sunday Warwick came to play with me in the morning. I took the papers round with Brain More after that I played football with Eric. In the afternoon my Uncle came.

October 1st. 1958, Andrew Donnelly. .It will be bonfire night in two months, and I am excited about it I am going to have some bangers and pretty ones as well. Bangers are the best of the lot. Barry Mills might be coming to it. Uncle Tony is coming and I hope we have the bonfire up our house like last year. It was fun last year. Mummy loves it and Russll too. Smiths have got fireworks. Ian bought a banger this morning and I wonder what it will be like.

November 11th, C. Umney. ..Today it is very cold and frosty. Nearly every-body is wearing warm Winter clothes. In just over a weeks time our school are holding an Autumn Bazaar. We are decorating bare branches with leaves made of crepe paper. We are also making tea-cosies, apron, tray cloths, and bonnets and peg bags. We are raffling a box of ……...…U. 2.. groceries, a box of chocolate fingers, a stool, a cushion, and a cockerel. Mrs Moore and Mrs Bailey are having a tea, bisciuts and cake stall out in the dinning space. We hope to raise about £14..

November .24th. Barry Mills. Last Saturday I went to the Autumn Bazaar. It was super, I was on a stall where you had to fly a Whirly Whizz into the air, and try to get three of them into a hoop on the ground. It was threepence a go, my Daddy gave me threepence more. My friend Andrew was on a stall where you had to write down your name on a piece of paper, with a map of a tresure island on it wherever you think the tresure is hidden, then you have to write down any number you like on another piece of paper.

Nov 27th. Today there was a wedding at Sherington. The bride was Bridget Cook and the Bridegroom was Barry Haynes. I went out of school early to present the bride with a lucky horseshoe. She wore a white lace dress which was ballerina at the front and came down to a train at the back. The bride had a coronet of pearls and a veil of white nylon. She had shoes of white velvet and (a) bouquet of yellow and white crysanthemums. The Bridegroom wore a top hat and morning suit. The Bridesmaids wore dresses of yellow taffeta over net with yokes of yellow velvet. (the next page). The reception was at the Dujohn restrant in Bedford where the guests had a four corce lunchuen. They started with water mellon. Then the guests had chicken, turkey, roast potatoes, boiled potatoes, sprouts, sausages and white sauce. The next corse was three coloured ice cream and fruit salad. Last the guests had cheese and biscuits and coffee. Then they all went to the bar and had champagne and wedding cake.

November 24. 1… On Saturday we had our school sale. It was a cheerful afternoon and everything went well. Mrs Moore and Mrs Bailey were on teas and lemonade and biscuits. Carole and John were on raffles there was (one) for a stool one for a doll and a box of groceries. Which was won by Brian Umney. (page 2) ..2.. The stool was won by. Mrs Watts and the doll by Miss Hickson I was on a jumble stall with Cynthia Jennifer and Sylvia on the grocers. Pat Stephens and Mrs Burgess’ sister on the sewing. Jenny was selling cards and the boys were on games. (page 3) 3 When the afternoon ended we had raised £15 16s 6d which will buy us new books and some things to eat for our school party. The rest we will save until we are inneed of more PT aqument Mr Stephens was very pleased with the result of the afternoon.

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