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St Laud's Archive Photo 17

St Laud's Church Choir in 1894 on the occasion of a visit by the Bishop of Lincoln.

Adults: W. T. Hickson (Bannerman), M. G. Rose, F. Collett (Schoolmaster and Bannerman), Rev. Elton (Son of the Rector), H. Gardner (Churchwarden) and W. Makeham (Churchwarden)
Boys: O. Hickson, H. Gardner, R. Fleet, W. Nursaw, M. West, B. Fleet, H. Pikesley, A. Bonner, F. Line, J. West, F. (or J.) Smith, Urban (Jock) Gardner

Note: The original photo belongs to Mr and Mrs Morgan. The names are recorded on the back of the photo, but the relationship between names and faces is not known.

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