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The Manor, Newport Road and Sherington Bridge

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The hamlet of Sherington Bridge is on the North side of the bridge right on the border of the parish on the road towards Newport Pagnell. It is not known when the first bridge was built, but one of the first known references to the bridge is in the 13th century.

Sherington Bridge circa 1960's

It is thought that the construction of the bridge had a stone or rubble base and a wooden upper part. The bridge has been replaced a number of times since then, the most recent is in the early 1970's with a concrete construction. The picture above shows the previous bridge with the pedestrian passing places between the arches.

As this was one of the major crossing points across the River Ouse, the passage across the bridge was subject to a toll between 1785-1830. In fact there were toll gates all around the village between 1753 and 1878. A toll house was erected on the site of where Bridge House now stands. In 1830 the toll gate was then moved to just north of the waypoint on the Bedford Road.

Bridge Farm - Memories of Doris Stephens, c1969

Manor Farm

Heading back into the village the first house that is passed is Manor Farm, a property built in 1973/4 next to the farm yard. The house was built as a family house for the current owner of Manor Farm to be closer to the centre of operation.

No. 4 The High Street, or as it is better known The Manor, is one of the older buildings of Sherington. It was built in 1770 just outside the moat. The original house, dating from the 12th century and called 'Cave's Manor' after the Cave family who resided there, would have been located within it.

The Manor

The Manor has had a number of occupants over the years. The most famous or eminent to date is Dr John Cheyne, who was once Physician-General to the Army in Ireland. He wrote a book called 'Essays on partial derangement of the Mind'. His tenure in the village is marked by a memorial within the churchyard.

Archive photographs of The Manor and Sherington Bridge: click on the photo to view full size

View of the junction of High Street and Crofts End with an Ivy covered Manor The Manor circa 2001 The Manor circa 2001 The Manor Courtyard, circa 2001 The Manor Courtyard circa 2001 Sherington Bridge 1960s Sherington Bridge South side Newport Road flooding South end of the High Street near the Manor

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