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High Street (North)

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Virginia House Stores Virginia House Stores - 1857 Plaque

As we return to the High Street, we come across No.25, Virginia House Stores, a large old double house dating from 1857 that has a been a shop for many years. It has a cellar and operated a slaughterhouse in the long building at the rear.

No. 43, The Old Castle was originally an ale house named The Crown & Castle. The history of this building and its adjacent cottages can be traced back to the early 1700s. For further information, please click here.

No. 43a, tacked on to the side of The Old Castle building for many years, was the blacksmith's shop. It was pulled down in middle 1900s, allowing the road to be widened.

43, High Street or The Old Castle
Pearcey Cottage, Sherington

Pearcey Cottage is situated right next to the Knoll.

Harriets End is an old thatched cottage on the east side of the High Street.

Harrietts End
Maryot Close, Sherington

Maryot Close is a comparatively new development of four upmarket houses, built on the site of Rogers Yard, the agricultural business that flourished there for a number of years.

No. 45 is a large old ‘L’ shaped house that for many years was the Hickson’s butchers shop.

Nos. 47 and 49 are a pair of very old cottages with attic rooms, end ways on to the road.

Hickson's butchers
The Gables, Sherington

No. 51, The Gables is an attractive red brick, gabled house, with stone window lintels, ledges and lead mullions.

Plaque at Home Farm

No.53, Home Farm is an extensive ‘L’ shaped, stone built property, with barns and outhouses. The stone plaque on the wall is dated 1849.

Home Farm, Sherington
Village Farm, Sherington

No. 57, Village Farm, more commonly known as Fleet’s Farm, for many years the home of the well known Sherington Fleet family: farmers, horse traders, butchers and dairymen.

Plaque, Bakers Farm

No. 59, Bakers Farm takes its name from the field opposite (i.e. Baker’s Field). It was known previously as Church End Farm, when it was part of the Tyringham Estates in 1917.

Bakers Farm, Sherington
The Winnowing Barn, Sherington

Part of Bakers Farm, the Winnowing Barn was converted into a private house and then to light industrial and office buildings.

Village Close is a group of architect-designed bungalows and houses. It has been rumoured that the original contractor/builder of this development became bankrupt and the project was continued by another a little time later. This is the reason for the two differing styles of houses within the development.

Village Close
1930's houses at the north end of the High Street

On the right hand side when going north the village ends with some 1930's style houses.

Archive photographs of High Street (North): click on the photo to view full size

Church End Farm Aerial view of Rogers Engineers Yard Airship High Street North High Street North High Street North

High Street North High Street North High Street North High Street North The Gables - High Street North Hicksons - High Street North

High Street North High Street North High Street North

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