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Gun Lane and Field Close

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There has been a number of theories proffered as to how Gun Lane got is name. Below are two of the most popular:

  • The soldiers of Oliver Cromwell army were not allowed to bring their guns into the village and Gun Lane is the place where the soldiers left their guns.

  • This was the site of a gun emplacement for the Roundheads during the Civil War. It is also rumoured that at the end of the war the old guns were buried here.

2-4, Gun Lane is the first property that you see coming around the corner into Gun Lane. This property was built in the late 1800's and has a half timbered facade. In the recent past this property has been a Bed and Breakfast establishment, but now they are two separate private dwellings.

2 - 4 Gun Lane, Sherington
The White Hart, Sherington.  Click here for more information on the White Hart

The White Hart is one of the oldest establishments in Sherington. The deeds of The White Hart are still in existence and detail contractual information dating back to the beginning of the 1740's, with rent of 5/- per year for Inn, outbuildings and orchard. It is still frequented by many locals for its food and drink. For more information about the White Hart, click on the above link, or click on the picture on the left.

No. 8 to 20 Gun Lane is a post-war development of detached properties built on the site of a number of thatched houses that fell into disrepair. An old post card showing these houses can be seen below in the archive photos section.

8 to 20 Gun Lane, Sherington
22 Gun Lane, Sherington

The most notable feature of No. 22 Gun Lane is its acute angle wall at the "front" of the property. This is thought to be because the building was originally built as a barn. The house has been extended at the rear.

Field Close is a small development of buildings built on a field once owned by, and then named in memory of, the Field family. It is built on part of the site of Church Farm, for many years under the guidance of Fred Field, who was a pillar of the local community.

Coney Grey, Sherington

Coney Grey lies outside the the main part of the village on Gun Lane. This property was built in the 1960's by the Crook Family. No connection to the other Crook family within the village (or in fact any of the crooks in Sherington).

If you follow Gun Lane to the top of the rise, you can see the newly built Sherington by-pass. The road then continues down to its junction with the Olney Road.

Archive photographs of Gun Lane: click on the photo to view full size

Gun Lane in the early 1900's Aerial view of the Gun Lane area, c1950's Sale of 8 Gun Lane in 1961 Gun Lane in the mid 1960's Gun Lane

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