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Pigot's Directory (1841) - Employment in Towcester (by name)

Pigot's Directory

 Employment in 1841 (by name)
Adams MatthewBoot and shoe makerPark Lane
Ager, CharlesHair dresserHigh Street
Ansell, EdwardCarpenter and joinerHigh Street
Ansell, EdwardWheelwrightHigh Street
Ansell, WilliamCarpenter and joinerHigh Street
Atkins, JabezMealmanHigh Street
Barker, Rev. JohnNobility, gentry and clergyPuddle Dock
Barnicle, JohnTavern [keeper] CrownHigh Street
Basford, JohnGardenerHigh Street
Beevis, ThomasShopkeepers and dealers in groceries and sundriesGreen's Norton
Bent, ThomasBoot and shoe maker (&leather seller) High Street
Blaxley, JohnCarpenter and joinerHigh Street
Blaxley, JohnChina &c dealerHigh Street
Blaxley, WilliamCabinet maker and upholstererHigh Street
Blaxley, WilliamFire &c office agent, COUNTYHigh Street
Blencowe, TimothyChymists and druggistHigh Street
Bliss, WilliamRailway AgentHigh Street
Bliss, WilliamTavern [keeper] BellHigh Street
Bowden, Wm ThomasPlastererHigh Street
Brown, BenjaminMaltster (and hop and seed merchant)High Street
Brown, JobBoot and shoe maker (&leather seller) High Street
Brown, JohnPainters, plumbers and glaziersHigh Street
Brown, RichardIronmongersHigh Street
Bull RichardBaker and flour dealerGreen's Norton
Bull, WilliamShopkeepers and dealers in groceries and sundriesGreen's Norton
Burchell, WilliamTavern [keeper] Nelson's ArmsHigh Street
Busby, HarrietMilliners and dress and straw hat makerHigh Street
Button, SamuelStocking manufacturer, silkPark Lane
Capehorn, JohnStocking manufacturer, silkAbthorpe
Carvell, WilliamBrazier and tinmanHigh Street
Causebrook, JosephStocking manufacturer, silkSlapton
Caves, JohnTavern [keeper] Wheat SheafHigh Street
Chambers, ThomasButcher High Street
Chapman, WilliamMillerKingstone
Chissum, JohnGrocer & tea dealerGreen's Norton
Chissum, JohnLinen and wool draperGreen's Norton
Clarke, JohnSaddlers and harness makerPark Lane
Coldwell Rev. ThomasNobility, gentry and clergyAbthorpe
Collier, ThomasSurgeonHigh Street
Cook, John MalsburyAttorneyHigh Street
Cooke, John MalsburyFire &c office agent, CLERICAL AND MEDICAL (life)High Street
Corby & HambidgeTailor (& woollen drapers) High Street
Cross, AnnTavern [keeper] StarPark Lane
Cross, JamesCooperPark Lane
Cryer, Thomas,Boot and shoe maker Park Lane
Cryer, WilliamShopkeepers and dealers in groceries and sundriesHigh Street
Darby, WilliamShopkeepers and dealers in groceries and sundriesGreen's Norton
David RichardBlacksmithHigh Street
Davin WilliamBlacksmithHigh Street
Dayrell Mrs. Nobility, gentry and clergyPark Street
Deacon Samuel, esqNobility, gentry and clergyHigh Street
Dendy Rev. CharlesNobility, gentry and clergyVicarage house
Elliot ,Wm GilbertAttorneyWoodbine Cottage
Elliot Mr. HenryNobility, gentry and clergyHeathencote
Evans Rev. Nobility, gentry and clergyPotters perry
Fawcett Rev ThomasNobility, gentry and clergyGreen's Norton
Flesher Gilbert, esq Nobility, gentry and clergy (Deputy Lieutenant for the county) High Street
Flesher Rev. John ThomasNobility, gentry and clergyTiffield
Foster JohnBaker and flour dealerGreen's Norton
Foster, EzekielTailorHigh Street
Foster, Thomas,Boot and shoe maker Green's Norton 
Franklin, JohnFire &c office agent, GLOBEHigh Street
Franklin, JohnGrocer & tea dealer (also tallow chandlers)High Street
Franklin, JohnTavern [keeper] PloughHigh Street
Frost WilliamBaker and flour dealerHigh Street
Frost, ThomasButcherHigh Street
Gallard, RichardMiller (and meal man)High Street
Gardener, EdwardGardenerRose Hill
Gardner EdwardBoot and shoe makerGreen's Norton
Gardner Mr. JohnNobility, gentry and clergyPotters Pury
Gardner, JohnMaltsterHigh Street
Gardner, JohnTavern [keeper] SunHigh Street
Gardner, WilliamChymists and druggistHigh Street
Gare, DeborahShopkeepers and dealers in groceries and sundriesHigh Street
Garner, Sarah & RebeccaMilliners and dress and straw hat makerPark Lane
Garner, WilliamWoolstapler (agent)Park Street
Gibbes, AnnPainters, plumbers and glaziersHigh Street
Gibbs RichardBaker and flour dealerPark Lane
Godfrey the MissesNobility, gentry and clergyPark Street
Goodman Mr. JohnNobility, gentry and clergyHigh Street
Grafton His Grace, the Duke of,Nobility, gentry and clergyWakefield lawn
Graves JosephBaker and flour dealerHigh Street
Grimsdick Mr. EdwardsNobility, gentry and clergyPaulerspury
Grimsdick Mr. JohnNobility, gentry and clergyPaulerspury
Grisbrook ThomasBaker and flour dealerGreen's Norton
Grisbrook, ThomasMillerGreen's Norton
Gurney, GeorgeTavern [keeper] New Dolphins (& excise office)High Street
Gurney, John & SonMaltster (and corn factor)High Street
Gurney, John & SonWoolstapler High Street
Hambidge ThomasBoot and shoe makerHigh Street
Hambidge, JohnButcherHigh Street
Hawkins Rev. WilliamNobility, gentry and clergyPark lane
Heady, GeorgeInn [keeper],Talbot (commercial)High Street
Henderson, AnnMilliners and dress and straw hat makerHigh Street
Henson, George jun.Shopkeepers and dealers in groceries and sundriesHigh Street
Henson. GeorgeShopkeepers and dealers in groceries and sundriesHigh Street
Higgins, Jos,Inn [keeper],White Horse (posting)High Street
Hill Mr. JamesNobility, gentry and clergyHulcote
Hinder, StephenTavern [keeper] New InnAbthorpe
Hindes John StephensBaker and flour dealerAbthorpe
Hindes, George HensonButcherAbthorpe
Hogg, JohnTailorPark Lane
Howes John,Baker and flour dealerGreens Norton
Howes, RichardCarpenter and joinerPark Lane
Howes, WilliamSaddlers and harness makerHigh Street
Hughes, ThomasAuctioneer (& furniture broker)High Street
Hughes, ThomasCarpenter and joinerHigh Street
Hughes, ThomasIronmongersHigh Street
Hurfurt, James BrooksBooksellers, Stationers and printers High Street
Hurfurt, James BrooksMaster, Parochial schoolVestry
Hutchings WilliamBasket makerHigh Street
Hutton, WilliamBoot and shoe makerHigh Street
Inns, AnnInn [keeper] Pomfret ArmsHigh Street
Inns, SamuelBooksellers, Stationers and printersHigh Street
Inns, SamuelIronmongersHigh Street
Ives Rev. CorneliusNobility, gentry and clergyBradden
Jeffery JohnBlacksmithHigh Street
Jeffery WilliamBlacksmithPark Lane
Jeffs, JohnCabinet maker and upholstererHigh Street
Jeffs, JohnCarpenter and joinerHigh Street
Jeffs, ThomasCarver and gilderHigh Street
Jenkinson Mr. ThomasNobility, gentry and clergyHigh Street
Jenkinson, WilliamLinen and wool draperHigh Street
Johnson, SarahMistress, Infants' SchoolHigh Street
Johnson, WilliamBoot and shoe makerHigh Street
Johnson, WilliamTavern [keeper] Butchers' ArmsGreen's Norton
Judkins Mr. EdwardNobility, gentry and clergyHeathencote
Kendal JohnBlacksmithAbthorpe
Kendall, JohnTavern [keeper] Stocking FrameAbthorpe
Kerrich Rev. Walter Jno,Nobility, gentry and clergyPaulerspury
Key, BennettButcherHigh Street
Key, JohnButcherHigh Street
King WilliamBlacksmithPark Lane
Kingston Mrs. AliceNobility, gentry and clergyGreen's Norton
Kingston, RichardGrocer & tea dealerHigh Street
Kirby MarthaBaker and flour dealerHigh Street
Kirby, MarthaGrocer & tea dealerHigh Street
Lee Rev. Philip HenryNobility, gentry and clergyStoke bruern [sic]
Lee, JamesButcherGreen's Norton
Lee, JohnCarpenter and joinerGreen's End
Lee, WilliamCarpenter and joinerGreen's Norton
Lee, William junCarpenter and joiner.Green's Norton
Linnell WilliamBlacksmithAbthorpe
Linnett, James (gentlemen's boarding and day)High Street
Lovell Mr. IsaacNobility, gentry and clergyPaulerspury
Lovell Mr. WilliamNobility, gentry and clergyPaulerspury
Lovell, ThomasCabinet maker and upholstererPark Lane
Lovell, ThomasCarpenter and joinerPark Lane
Lovell,JohnAttorneyHigh Street
Mannin Oliver, esq. Nobility, gentry and clergyHigh Street
Manning Isaac, esq. Nobility, gentry and clergyPark hall
Manning William Brown, esq, Nobility, gentry and clergyHigh Street
Martin, JohnAuctioneerHigh Street
Martin, JohnTavern [keeper] Old DolphinHigh Street
Martin, John jun.ButcherHigh Street
Mason, John ShrivesLinen and wool draper(and hosier, haberdasher, and millinery and straw hat warehouse)High Street
Matthews CharlesBlacksmithAbthorpe
Mayo, GeorgeTavern [keeper] BullPark Lane
Miles, JamesTailorPark Lane
Mold, JohnTavern [keeper] Saracen's HeadHigh Street
Morgan Mrs Charite Nobility, gentry and clergyGreen's Norton
Mumford Mrs. Nobility, gentry and clergyHigh Street
Needham, JohnStocking manufacturer, silkAbthorpe
Norris, JohnTavern [keeper] PeacockHigh Street
North, SarahTavern [keeper] White HartPark Lane
Osborne, GeorgeWheelwrightHigh Street
Osborne, ThomasWheelwrightHigh Street
Parberry, WilliamPainters, plumbers and glaziersHigh Street
Parker Mrs MarthaNobility, gentry and clergyMount Pleasant
Parker, JohnSurgeonHigh Street
Parsons JnoWoolstapler (& fellmonger)Slapton
Parsons, WilliamShopkeepers and dealers in groceries and sundriesSlapton
Perason, CharlesWatch and clock makerHigh Street
Percival, John & SamuelBankers (draw on Joseph Denisons & Co, London)High Street
Perkins, SamuelFire &c office agent, SUNHigh Street
Perkins, SamuelWoolstapler Paradise row
Pettifer, John GayTavern [keeper] Red LionHeathencote
Phillips, CharlesButcherHigh Street
Phillips, JohnTavern [keeper] SwanHigh Street
Phillips, JosephCooperHigh Street
Phipps, Richard & ThomasMaltsterHigh Street
Phipps, Richard & ThomasWine and spirit merchants (& beer)High Street
Pilgriom, JohnTailorHigh Street
Pittam, WilliamLinen and wool draperHigh Street
Poole WilliamBaker and flour dealerHigh Street
Powell GeorgeButcherHigh Street
Powell, DanielBoot and shoe makerParadise row
Powell, WilliamButcherHigh Street
Pratt JohnBlacksmith (farrier)Green's Norton
Prestidge, DanielWatch and clock makerHigh Street
Prestidge, WalterIronmongersHigh Street
Prestidge, WalterWorking cutlerHigh Street
Rainbow, WilliamsTailorAbthorpe
Ram Rev. Abel JohnNobility, gentry and clergyPark View
Robarts Abraham George, esq. Nobility, gentry and clergySholebrooks lodge
Roby, Amelai & FrancesMilliners and dress and straw hat makerHigh Street
Russell, GeorgeMiller (and corn factor)Park Lane
Sewell, ThomasBoot and shoe makerAbthorpe
Shackleton, JosephGlover &cHigh Street
Shackleton, JosephShopkeepers and dealers in groceries and sundriesHigh Street
Sharp, JohnMillerSlapton
sharp, SamuelBaker and flour dealerHigh Street
Sharp, SamuelBooksellers, Stationers and printers (and bookbinder and engraver)High Street
Sharp, WilliamCurrier, leather cutter and grindery dealerHigh Street
Shepherd, RichardStocking manufacturer, silkAbthorpe
Sheppard Mrs LucyNobility, gentry and clergyHigh Street
Sheppard SamuelBlacksmithHigh Street
Sheppard, WilliamMaster, Free SchoolAbthorpe
Sheppard, JohnButcherPark Lane
Sheppard, John Horton Attorney (& clerk to the magistrates)High Street
Sheppard, RichardBrick makerBurcote Lane
Sheppard, WilliamShopkeepers and dealers in groceries and sundriesAbthorpe
Simco JosiahBaker and flour dealer (& confectioner)High Street
Smith, JohnGrocer & tea dealer (also tallow chandlers)High Street
Smith, Mary(boarding & day)Park Lane
Smith, RobertPainters, plumbers and glaziersHigh Street
Smith, WilliamTavern [keeper] Royal OakJacob's Well
Smith,GeorgeBoot and shoe makerPark Lane
Southampton the Right Honourable LordNobility, gentry and clergyWhittlebury lodge
Stevens WilliamBlacksmithGreen's Norton
Stone JohnBaker and flour dealerHigh Street
Stopps, GeorgeShopkeepers and dealers in groceries and sundriesGreen's Norton
Summers JohnBaker and flour dealerSlapton
Suttle, James ArnoldMaster, Union Poor HousePark Lane
Suttle, Mary AnneMistress, Union Poor HousePark Lane
Taylor, DavidButcherHigh Street
Taylor, ThomasShopkeepers and dealers in groceries and sundriesSlapton
Taylor, ThomasTavern [keeper] Royal OakSlapton
Taylor, WilliamWheelwrightGreen's end
Thomason,WilliamStone masonHigh Street
Timms, BenjaminButcherAbthorpe
Travel, WilliamClog and pattern makerHigh Street
Travell, WilliamShopkeepers and dealers in groceries and sundriesHigh Street
Travill, ElizabethMilliners and dress and straw hat makerHigh Street
Tucker, HenryTavern [keeper] Horse and JockeyPark Lane
Vernon, John MiddletonWine and spirit merchantsHigh Street
Vernon, ThomasLinen and wool draperHigh Street
Water Mr JohnNobility, gentry and clergyHigh Street
Watkins, RebeccaChymists and druggistHigh Street
Watkins, ThomasRegistrar of births, deaths and marriagesHigh Street
Watkins, ThomasSurgeonHigh Street
Watson, JosephShopkeepers and dealers in groceries and sundriesAbthorpe
Weatley, JohnShopkeepers and dealers in groceries and sundriesAbthorpe
Webb WilliamBasket makerHigh Street
Webb, JohnBrazier and tinmanHigh Street
Webb, JohnFire &c office agent, ROYAL EXCHANGEHigh Street
Webb, JohnGas works secretaryHigh Street
Webb, JohnIronmongersHigh Street
West, JohnFire &c office agent, SUNHigh Street
West, JohnLinen and wool draperHigh Street
White, Thomas ClementMaster, Free Grammar School (& gentlemen's boarding & day)High Street
Wilkes Matthias, esq. Nobility, gentry and clergyEaston Neston
Willis, EdwardCooperHigh Street
Willsher, JosephGrocer & tea dealer (also tallow chandlers, hop and seed merchant and stamp distributor)High Street
Wood, SamuelButcherHigh Street
Woodlin, RobertGrocer & tea dealerHigh Street
Wright, JohnTavern [keeper] White BearHigh Street
Wright, WilliamSaddlers and harness makerHigh Street
Transcription and additional research by David Wilcock
October 2009

  1. This text has been transcribed from "Pigot's Directory of Yorkshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire", 1841. Note that in the transcription the punctuation has been copied, but "st" and "street" have been changed to "Street" and "la" to "Lane".
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