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Gilbert Flesher (1772-1845) Letters

Sir Gilbert Flesher 

Gilbert FlesherGilbert Flesher

Letter from Towcester dated 7June 1841

to Wm Flesher, Wood Hotel, Furnalls Inn, London

Dear Nephew,

I intend to go Newton on Tuesday. I propose to give 10£. I have mentioned it to Mrs O to add £5 to her last and I hope hereby to succeedI arrived home safe at 3 o`clock this morning. I was sorry I had not time to call on you & Miss BlencoweThe weather is not hot. I had a chartist within the coach who I caused to be hoisted to his place on top of a coach with another one. they chartists within & without where room made known being there.

the Paragraph is noted in
the Harold Paper
the Mercury did last week
& 10 ought ye other

Yr affs, G Flesher

Source: [NRO : NPL 2910]

Lettter undated (possibly August 1840)

to his nephew

D` Nephew.

The enclosed may be left at Abels when convenient. As you have spoken to young I have charg`d him not to sell any shares if he does there must be a return of .................... in propriation you might never the less communicate to him w some effect.

Respectfully yours, G Flesher

Source: [NRO : NPL 1769]

Letter dated August 22 1840

to Mr ................... Solicitor

You best know but surely your late office has given a preceedenly in ....................... in Character to many others that society in search of in certain public company your person is better employ`d ........ ..............tted by the presence of champaign it is an allure I should discard. They object of more in this world is to provoke many to speak who are their betters.

Source: [NRO : NPL 1769]

Letter from Towcester dated 22nd August 1840

to the Rev. Mr Little, St Sepulchre, Northampton

I have given publicity to your request of a grand morning concert by an assemblage of Foreigners to profess your sacred Edifice in their own native language without any interpretation of the same to the public of the intrinsic value of the object being duly supported by Foreigners. I should unhesitatingly ask you is any of them Roman Catholicks indeed what religion do they profess to possess. In these minutes .............. me I am not making any further observations to others than .....ing absence I have taken a ticket.

The interest which i am frequently advocated to give to y many institutions of our County & not least within your town - yet when I give my attendance at ye infirmary I am to meet with much miserable contempt upon riding 20 miles to its support that John Armytage is even appointed to inpercede an audition of y Institution & possess y chair

Some day there will be a warm explanation on that great importance of Duty thereto why he shd be y voice of the party & dispossess me of the HonorYrs very respectfully, Gilbert Flesher.

Source: [NRO : NPL 1963]
  1. Information collected by Brian Giggins.
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