St. Lawrence's Church, Towcester - the bells

St.Lawrence Church 

The bells in 1973 in the wooden frame.The bells in 1973 in the old wooden frame.
Erecting the steel frame in 1990.Erecting the new steel frame in 1990.
The 12 bells ready for lifuting into the bell tower.The 12 bells ready for lifting into the bell tower.
Dedication of the 12 bells.Dedication of the 12 bells.Towcester has an active team of bell ringers. A bequest board under the tower details the history of the present peal of bells, which were installed in 1990. They include eight bells originally cast in 1897 by J. Taylor & Co. for Christ Church, Todmorden, West Yorkshire, and four new bells cast for St Lawrence in 1989.

The inscription on the bequest board reads:

Eight bells were transferred from Christchurch Todmorden W.Yorks and presented by the Trustees of the Hicks Charity.Four trebles were cast from the metal of the old tenor bell and the ring of twelve bells hung in a new frame at the expense of
The Peterborough Diocesan Guild of Bell Ringers
The Leche Trust
The Cripps Foundation
The St Lawrence Society of Ringers
The Towcester Branch of the Peterborough Diocesan Guild
and many other donors.

The Westminster Clock Chimes were restored in memory of Mr Jack Wilson of Towcester 1913-1991

Rev'd James E. Atwell M.A.Vicar
G. Allan Kilgower B.E.M. Church
Dr D. Michael Brookbanks Warden
Andrew W.R. Wilby Ringing Master

The Ring of Twelve Bells
Cast by John Taylor & Co. Loughborough, Leics.


Treble "Ring boyes and keep awake for Mr Wm. Henchman's sake"
Cast 1725 Recast 1935 Recast 1989
The Gift of The St Lawrence Soc. of Ringers
"We rang sir and kept awake and into twelve the bells did make".
4cwt. 1qr. 22Lbs. Bb

2nd "In Memory of Vera Doreen Robinson nee Orland 1923-1989"
4cwt. 2qr. 22Lbs. Aa
"The Gift of Her Dear Friend John Watson of Canada, her Daughters Lesley and Elaine and Sisters Kay and Joan"

3rd "Given to the glory of God and Remembering the Oldham Family who served this Church and Town 1873-1964"
4cwt. 2qr. 18Lbs. G

4th "The gift of James, Valerie, Jonathan and Robert Clatworthy"
4cwt. 3qrs. 8Lbs. F

Eight bells were transferred from Todmorden augmented to twelve in 1989

5th"To God the Father"6 22Eb
6th"God the Son"628D
7th"And God the Spirit"7312C
8th"Three in One"83 Bb
9th"Be Honour, Praise"10316Ab
10th"And Glory Given1326G
11th"By All in Earth"17 24F
12th"And All in Heaven"23113Eb
This peal of eleven bells was presented to Tormorden parish Church by Miss Hannah Howarth of Bracklyn House in memory of her brothers and sisters deceased in the year of our Lord being the sixtieth year of the reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria 1897.
  1. Images are from the TDLHS archive. The 1973 photograph is from R. O'Rourke. The other two photographs are from A.Wilby.