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St. Lawrence's Church, Towcester - Benefactors
Benefaction Board 1793b

Benefaction Board 1793b
Benefaction Board 1836

Benefaction Board 1836
Benefaction Board 1989

Benefaction Board 1989

Right hand benefaction board (1793)

on the South wall of the tower

Mr Wm. SheppardMercer in Towcester, gave to the Poor of the Parish the Sum of ten Shillings a Year to be Paid out of Land, now a Close, of the late Jos. Hill's near Blackwell containing 3 acres 2 rods 34 perch
John SheppardSon of the said Wm, gave to the Poor five Shillings a Year for ever, to be paid out of the same Land.
Frances GeorgeWiddow of John George of Towcester, Cordwainer and Daughter of John Sheppard, gave the yearly Sum of five shillings to be paid to five poor Widdows on Good Friday and charg'd the afore-said Land for Payment.
Richard BlandInnholder, gave to the Poor of this Parish the sum of 20 Shillings a Year and tied house late in the Possession of Mr John Tew for Payment of the same.
Willm. SlaterCitizen of London, gave a Silver Cup and Cover to this Parish Church, to be used only at the communion.
Mrs.Phillipa RussellGave a Silver Flaggon for the same use.
John ClarkMercer in Towcester gave Forty Shillings a Year to the Poor of the said town and charged a Farm in Tiffield in this County, the property of Samuel Bealey containing about 99 Acres.
Mr. Thos. CleaveGave 5d for the income thereof to be laid out in Bread to be distributed weekly to the Poor of Towcester which 50, was laid out in Land in Woodend field and by a late Inclosure of that field a Close containing 7 acres 3 roods 16 perch lying on the North East of that Town is allotted in liew therof.
Jane LeesonGave forty Shillings a Year to the Poor of Towcester for ever and tied certain Lands at Abthorpe for the Payment thereof.
Willm. PerryBy will dated October 15th 1691 Gave a piece of Ground "?" Feet by "?" Feet (details not completed on charity board) in George and Plowyard in the parish of St Margaret's Westminster faceing the Broadway (on Part thereof stood two Houses) for teaching two poor Boys in this Town yearly. Also providing them with Orange colour'd Coats and caps once in two Years at the discretion of the Church Wardens.
Sir George Farmor Knt.Gave Six Pounds to the Poor of Towcester, the Interest of which is to be given away on Good-Friday to the poorest Widows in the Parish. This sum of Six Shillings is paid by the Feoffees of Sponne's Charity to the Church wardens and Overseers of the Poor, for the time being.

Benefaction board (1836-37)

on the North wall of the tower

When this Church was repewed and beautified   
A.D. 1836-7LSD
Incorporated Society for promoting the enlargement, building & repairing of Churches300 0 0
Trustees of Hick's Charity200  
John Lovell Esq & Mrs. Ann Sabin, presented the handsome Painted Glass window, which is at the East End of the Chancel.   
Sam. Deacon Esq. gave the Cloth & Cushions forthe Communion Table & Cushions for the Pulpit & Reading Desk, all of the most costly Crimson Velvet with Gold Fringe & Tassels to correspond. Also towards the expences of errecting a Vestry, the sum of18210
Henry Elliott Esq. of Heathencote, gave towards the beautifying & Improving the Altarpiece50  
The Honorable Henry Ryder, D. D. Lord Bishop of Litchfield & Coventry30  
The Revd. A. J. Ram, the Vicar2615 
The Revd. W Pennefather, the Books for the Communion Service   
Mr John Gurney, the Chairs for the Communion Table   
Wm. Grant Esq. of Litchborough, gave towards improving the Doors & Porch at the South entrance.15  

Benefaction board (1989)

on the North wall of the tower

Towcester has an active team of bell ringers. A bequest board under the tower details the history of the present peal of bells, which were installed in 1990. They include eight bells originally cast in 1897 by J. Taylor & Co. for Christ Church, Todmorden, West Yorkshire, and four new bells cast for St Lawrence in 1989.

Prior to that there were six bells hung on an old timber frame. One of these earlier bells, a treble cast by Richard Chandler in 1725, and donated by Mr. William Henchman, was recast in 1935 and finally recast in 1989 as the treble bell of the new peal.

The inscription on the bequest board reads:

Eight bells were transferred from Christchurch Todmorden W.Yorks and presented by the Trustees of the Hicks Charity.Four trebles were cast from the metal of the old tenor bell and the ring of twelve bells hung in a new frame at the expense of
The Peterborough Diocesan Guild of Bell Ringers
The Leche Trust
The Cripps Foundation
The St Lawrence Society of Ringers
The Towcester Branch of the Peterborough Diocesan Guild
and many other donors.

The Westminster Clock Chimes were restored in memory of Mr Jack Wilson of Towcester 1913-1991

Rev'd James E. Atwell M.A.Vicar
G. Allan Kilgower B.E.M. Church
Dr D. Michael Brookbanks Warden
Andrew W.R. Wilby Ringing Master

The Ring of Twelve Bells
Cast by John Taylor & Co. Loughborough, Leics.


Treble "Ring boyes and keep awake for Mr Wm. Henchman's sake"
Cast 1725 Recast 1935 Recast 1989
The Gift of The St Lawrence Soc. of Ringers
"We rang sir and kept awake and into twelve the bells did make".
4cwt. 1qr. 22Lbs. Bb

2nd "In Memory of Vera Doreen Robinson nee Orland 1923-1989"
4cwt. 2qr. 22Lbs. Aa
"The Gift of Her Dear Friend John Watson of Canada, her Daughters Lesley and Elaine and Sisters Kay and Joan"

3rd "Given to the glory of God and Remembering the Oldham Family who served this Church and Town 1873-1964"
4cwt. 2qr. 18Lbs. G

4th "The gift of James, Valerie, Jonathan and Robert Clatworthy"
4cwt. 3qrs. 8Lbs. F

Eight bells were transferred from Todmorden augmented to twelve in 1989

5th"To God the Father"6 22Eb
6th"God the Son"628D
7th"And God the Spirit"7312C
8th"Three in One"83 Bb
9th"Be Honour, Praise"10316Ab
10th"And Glory Given1326G
11th"By All in Earth"17 24F
12th"And All in Heaven"23113Eb
This peal of eleven bells was presented to Tormorden parish Church by Miss Hannah Howarth of Bracklyn House in memory of her brothers and sisters deceased in the year of our Lord being the sixtieth year of the reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria 1897.

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