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Speakers for 2018-2019
Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month (except August) at 7.30pm, at the Riverside Centre Islington Road, Towcester, Northamptonshire, NN12 6AU, when talks are given on a variety of topics relating to our local heritage. Visitors are welcome at all meetings.Details of outings, guided walks, projects, practical archaeology sessions, exhibitions and other events are announced at the monthly meetings. Members can also receive such announcements by email.

Wednesday 10th April 2019
What have the Puritans ever done for us?
John Perkins
They banned Christmas, closed the theatres and sought to “purify” the Church but what else did they do? John Perkins, a retired history teacher of 36 years standing, will enlighten us.

Wednesday 8th May 2019
Northampton in the 1970 s– where it all went wrong
Richard Deacon
Richard returns as a follow up to his fascinating talk in 2017. He will take us into the 1970s with photographs to show the dramatic changes to our county town in that decade.

Wednesday 12th June 2019
Death in the Garden
Michael Brown
Over the centuries poisonous plants have been used to remove an unwanted partner or rival, for medicine, aphrodisiacs, pest control, foretelling the future or to commune with the gods. Learn the truth about many of these plants which may well be growing in your garden!

Wednesday 10th July 2019
Summer meeting

Wednesday 11th September 2019
The Culworth Gang
David Hewitt
David will tell the story of the Culworth Gang, a disreputable bunch who terrorised locals and other villages in the 18th century until they were later rounded up by the law Four of them were dealt with in accordance with the law of the day at the Racecourse, Northampton..

Wednesday 9th October 2019
Royal Bastards – A Quest for the Crown
Roger Powell
Roger is an author and historian who has held various posts throughout a long and distinguished career, including working for Debretts and Burkes Peerage. This talk, a sequel to “Royal Mistresses” given in 2018 will reveal the several “Royal Bastards” children of royals and the illicit lovers.

Wednesday 13th November 2019
The Women’s Land Army in Northamptonshire during the First World War
Helen Frost
Come along to hear about the quite incredible contribution made by this  oft-forgotten, overlooked 'army' of women who, during the great war years were recruited mainly from towns and cities to work on the land; often for the first time in large numbers.

Wednesday 11th December 2019
Christmas Meeting

Wednesday 8th January 2020
The National Leather Collection
Philip Warner
A unique talk about a unique collection. The talk will feature an introduction to the National Leather Collection, the Museum’s history and how it came to be located in Northampton. It will also briefly cover leather manufacture and the leather industry.

Wednesday 12th February 2020
The History of Toys
Roger Brown
Former Brand Manager at Mettoy in Northampton, Roger will speak on some of the toys we remember from our childhood. He will bring along a tableful of toys from the past, many familiar, some not so, including some made in Northamptonshire.

Wednesday March 11th 2020

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