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Speakers for 2018-2019
Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month (except August) at 7.30pm, at the Riverside Centre Islington Road, Towcester, Northamptonshire, NN12 6AU, when talks are given on a variety of topics relating to our local heritage. Visitors are welcome at all meetings.

Details of outings, guided walks, projects, practical archaeology sessions, exhibitions and other events are announced at the monthly meetings. Members can also receive such announcements by email.

Wednesday 11th April 2018
Shakespeare’s Houses
Paul Hatfield
Paul is the Manager of Anne Hathaway's Cottage and Garden. His talk will cover all of  'Shakespeare's Family Homes' as well as the 1964 Shakespeare centre, and will have a particular focus on Anne Hathaway's Cottage - it will be a photographic and historical tour.

Wednesday 9th May 2018
Factory Life in the Boot and Shoe Industry
Ruth Thomas
Ruth returns to Towcester to look at the development of shoe manufacturing in Northampton from the medieval period as a small cottage industry of hand sewing men to a factory industry employing thousands of workers which dominated every aspect of the town.

Wednesday 13th June 2018
The Phipps Brewery
Alaric Neville
Alaric Neville was an accountant with an interest in real ale. So big was his interest that he personally bought the Phipps Brewery and gave up his job to run the business. Alaric will tell the story of this historic brand which started its life in Towcester in 1801.

Wednesday 11th July 2018
Summer meeting.

Wednesday 12th September 2018
1950s Food and the Housewife
Eve Bacon
Post war Britain was a time of change in our society. Find out how these changes were reflected in the life of the housewife and food fashions.

Wednesday 10th October 2018
WW2 Northamptonshire Airfields
Juris Trede
During WW2 the relatively flat county of Northamptonshire was peppered with aerodromes of all sizes. Originally for the Royal Air Force, and later also for the United States Army Air Force. The 'Mighty Eighth' arrived in force with their Flying Fortresses and Liberators, to carry out bombing missions over the Third Reich. This is a look at some of those aerodromes today, and a quick look at their history.

Wednesday 14th November 2018
November 11th 1918 – What came next?
Peter Stratton
To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, the ever popular Peter Stratton returns with the story of the three Armistices: the Eastern Front, the Mediterranean Front and 11th November. The Peace Treaty in Paris of 28th June 1919 will also be covered.

Wednesday 12th December 2018
Christmas meeting.

Wednesday 9th January 2019
The Battle of Northampton 1460
Mike Ingram
Mike Ingram, a military historian, author, lecturer and battlefield guide, makes a welcome return to Towcester.  Mike will tell the story of the battle of Northampton which was the first major engagement in the Wars of the Roses. This talks looks at the battle itself and where it took place.

Wednesday 13th February 2019
Recorders of Northampton
HHJ Mayo
The Society are delighted to welcome His Honour Judge Rupert Mayo who will tell of the ups and downs of the various Recorders since 1478.  He will also explaine the roles of the different courts, and give an insight on how important our county town had been in days gone by.

Wednesday 13th March 2019

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