Welcome to the tour of the historic wall paintings in the Parish Church of St Lawrence in Broughton

Broughton preserves the illusion of being a quiet isolated village. It has never been very big, but it derived some importance from being on the main road from London through Woburn to Northampton, and its single street, though now a cul-de-sac, is still known as London Road. Soon the urban sprawl of Milton Keynes will overtake it, but the peaceful area around the church and the linear park along the Broughton Brook will remain much as they are.

The church itself, St. Lawrence's, is no longer in regular use, and is in the care of The Churches Conservation Trust
, which has over the past fourteen years maintained the building as well as the magnificent wall paintings which need the specialist attention no small struggling parish could afford.

These paintings probably date from the fifteenth century and were originally teaching aids to reinforce the messages of sermons for the poor and uneducated. They were obliterated at the Reformation and presumably painted or plastered over, and only rediscovered during the mid-19th century restoration of the church. They themselves were restored by Professor Tristram in 1932, perhaps over-enthusiastically, and have received attention on at least two occasions since.

The Churches Conservation Trust have produced an excellent booklet ("St Lawrence's Church, Broughton, Buckinghamshire - Series 4 no.56 Price £1) to which we are indebted for much of this information. Their address is:

Society Building
8 All Saints Street
London N9 9RL

0845 303 2760 (9.00am - 5.00pm)