About us ...We are a voluntary organisation collecting archive material in the form of documents, maps, photographs and oral reminiscence. Research for a community drama had revealed a wealth of interesting items kept in unlikely places and which needed cataloguing and preserving, so a group was formed to undertake this and also to record changes as they occurred.
The play itself, "A Tale of Two Villages", inspired our group's name, Two Villages Archive Trust, and the two villages are Broughton and Milton Keynes Village, close neighbours which have for many years shared a Parish Council and amenities such as a school and a community centre.

The Trust started in 1995, and is still growing. Groups such as ours hope by their activities to encourage the people of a large new urban development to put down roots in their local community and to contribute to it, promoting pride and a sense of belonging.

Poster for our play
We started out with the intention of conserving what material we already had, but we have attracted much more through our policy of holding regular meetings to share our research and listen to specialist speakers, mounting small exhibitions, and making material available to students of all ages and individuals carrying out family research. We also contrive to have great fun and an active social life!

Milton Keynes Village is of particular significance as it has lent its name to the New City of Milton Keynes. We think our Two Villages are undoubtedly two of the jewels in the City's crown.

The Trust meets on the second Monday of the month in Milton Keynes Village Hall 7.45pm
Non-members are welcome at any meeting (charge £2). Annual membership fee £8.

    • Chairman: Geoff Dawe
    • Secretary: Joy Dawe

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