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Two Villages Archive Trust - Milton Keynes Village & Broughton
Milton Keynes Parishfields
Interactive Map Display

The four maps covering 1685 up to 2000 can be viewed together fading into each other and showing how the use of the land has changed over time.
The old maps have been drawn from the Estate maps and then scaled and rotated to fit the screen. You should note that North is to the Left of the screen.
In the bottom left hand corner of the maps you will see a scale, pictured left. Click on the cursor and slide to a year, the map will then fade into that year and you will be able see how the land use and tenancies have changed. Select 2000 and see how the development of Milton Keynes has affected the area with the building of new roads, the introduction of Willen Lake and the re-routing the river Ouzel. Note how the M1 cuts across the North East corner and how Broughton brook was moved to accomodate it.
This is a large file and may take some time to load. Please be patient - we think you will find it worthwhile.

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