Wolverton District Archeological Society Newsletter 1960

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Committee member, Mr. John Marchant of Little Hill Farm, Wiken, has been tantalized long enough with Romano-British bits and pieces on his farm - pottery, coarse and Samian, a coin of Domitian, another small 3rd century - so that planiithg a determined effort to locate its point of distribution, he found it just across the Ouse on the Buckinghamshire side of Thornton during ploughing.

The surface scatter, a mixture of Roman and medieval, occupies the terrace slope around a depression resembling a quarry bite. Major J.D. Young of Thornton Hall kindly invited investigation, limited at the end of the season to a single exploratory trench 24 by 2 feet. This was sufficient to establish the site as Roman. A floor of rubble a few inches below the surface dropped down to a depth of four feet into a deep layer of ash, containing the usual debris of pottery, bones and burned vegetation. Masonry formations appear slightly raised from the floor, and at some depth runs some red piping, which we hoped might be Roman, but is more likely to be an old drain from a high level. One cannot form much idea from a single trench, but in the spring we hope with our Buckingham friends to open sufficient to establish whether what appears to he a hypocaust is for house warming or for corn drying.

N.G.R. 756357.

WDAS Newsletter No. 5, 1960