The Brewhouse (19)

back of house

Photo: 1991. The building on the left is the side of the main building. Opposite that on the right is part of the workshop and office of the Estate Manager. In the centre is the Laundry and Brewhouse (converted into workshops which have since been moved). The door third from left has been converted into a window.

Photo 2002. Shows re-roofing and the loss of the 1850 ridge tiles.

Back of the Brewhouse

Brewhouse with its door filled in and a new window in its place. The room has been converted from a workshop 2002. New use of room unknown.

The brewhouse

The north end of the Brewhouse; notice the slight marking on the wall where there was a previous roof line which would indicate that it had previously been thatched. The building was heightened indicated by the timbers inside c. 1850. The red bricked section where the window now is, previously would have had a door and a swing arm crane to lift bags of grain.