(No letter) Stained glass on landing

Stained glass on the landing at the top of the stairs.
Stained glass on the landing at the top of the stairs.
Extract of letter from Martin Harrison to Bryan Egan - March 1992(Martin Harrison is a glass expert and author of 'Victorian Stained Glass', published by Barrie and Jenkins, in 1980).

"There seems to be two slightly different styles evident in the stained glass with the windows in the central hall and staircase having more elaborate use of enamels than those by the front door and chapel, whereas the latter make plentiful use of acid-etched flashed glass; both are technical tours-de-force in their different ways. The front door and chapel windows looked like the work of William Warrington to me. This would seem to be confirmed by his (manuscripts) list of works (compiled c.1865 and now in the V&A), from which I quote the complete entry:

Buckinghamshire. Thornton Hall. (now College)

1 x Stair Case Window Armorial
1 x Facing Entrance Hall
1 x Corridor
1 x Gallery
2 x Upper passages
2 x Traceries (points) of Dining Hall windows (Chapel)
1 x Large Hall (over door frame), under Gallery
40 x Shields of Arms in Frieze (Armorial Hall)."

A further 6 shields were made on curved zinc plate designed to go on the ends of the hammer beamed roof in the Dining Hall (now chapel). They were taken down for safety, because the lead solder began to corode, and put into storage. Lately, they were resurrected, and used as shades for wall lights, and are now situated in the cloister.