Chantry appendix IIIb

Chantry appendix IIIb
Thesaid chauntrye is foWnded
W[i]t[h]in the p[arjishe churche of thornton aforesaid & is obs[er]ued accordynge
to the foWndaeyone before declared
And so is verye necessarye
Thesaid chauntrie is of therly value of xxi Ii xis vid

paide to the kynge[s]
maiestie for Rentes
Resolute xiiis iiiid &
for tenthes xliiis id ob qa
in thole.
lviii vd ob qa

lixs vd ob qa

paid to


And so Remayneth for thaccustomable
payrnente [s] as is before mencyoned. Viz
for the prieste[s] salary ix Ii xiis qa in
Almesse to vi poore folke[s] vii Ii xvis
& to vi poore childeren xxiiiis in all

xviii Ii xiis qa
Thesaid chauntrye is foWnded w[i]t[h]in the
p[ar]ishe churche of Thometon aforesaid
Thesaid chauntrie is of therly value of vi li

paid to t[h]e kinge[s] ma[ies]tie for tenthes
And so Remaynethe for the
prieste[s] sallarye

Cviii s