Chantry Certificate No 4, sub-section 10 - Thornton dated 4th February 1545/6. (E301/4)
reproduced with kind permission of the Public Records Office

Thorneton A Chauntrie
in Thorneton
called also
Chauntrie :

One Annuitie or yerelie Stipend goinge oute
of certeine lande[s] and tene(me]nte[s] of the Colledge
called Alsoulne Colledge in Oxforde paide
to a Chauntrie preist in Thorneton geven
by one John Barton by yere

vi Ii
xxviii Ii iis iid

whereof in Repriser v[i]z of
the chaunterie of oLu]r Ladie
xi Ii us Id ob & theother
chauntrie called Bartons
chauntrie xiis and
id remaines cler xvi Ii
viis ob

Rente :

An yerelie Rent paid by Alsoulne Colledge
Colledge in Oxforde aforesaid for an yerelie
obett to be kepte within the said p[ar]ishe worth
by yere

vis viiid
Lande[sl geven
the kepinge
of Lighte[s]
Certeine lande[s] there geven for maintenyng
of divers lighte[sl within the saide towne
worth by yere

iiiis iiiid

MEMORAND[UM] that there be certaine ymplimente[s] belonging to the Chauntrie of oure Ladie aforesaide
which be contenaned in an Inventorie therof made and Delivered vnto the kinge[s] com[m]ission[er]s which doth
amounte to the some                            Over Over and besides a Chalice of Sylver and gylte wainge
xxiii unce[sl price the oz

IT[E]M the Incumbent of the said Chauntrie of oure Ladie is called Sir Will [elmu]m Abbott and is of the Age of
lx yeres hauing none other promoc(i]on but onelie that whoo hath donne heretofore and yett doth
teach a Free schole of grammer according to the Foundac[i]on of the same

IT[E]M thae is belonginge to the saide last chaunt~e or Stipendarie p~est one olde vestment
worthe xiid and no more

ITLE]M there are withyn the said p[ar]ishe of Thorneton lx housling people And one Sir Rob[er]te Bartlett
is nowe Stipendarie preist there and is at the elecc[i]on and puting oute of the saide Alsouline
Colledge in Oxforde and is of theage of iiijxx yeres &c