Thornton Register 1778 - 1812
(Translations in italics)


The Book, No. 2, of Thornton parish register is 13¼ inches high by 8 ½ inches wide, and consists of a large number of parchment leaves bound in leather-covered boards, making the volume 1 inch in thickness. Only seven of the leaves have been used: viz., three at one end of the book for burials, and four at the other end for baptisms.

Page 1.

A Register of all the Christenings in the Parish of Thornton in the Archdeaconry of Bucks, from the year 1778.

1778. Baptiz'd.

Mar: 8th. Ann Daughter of Laurence Barret & Sarah his Wife.

June 24. Elizabeth Daughter of John Davy & Elizabeth his Wife privately & received into the Church Sepr: 21st.

Augt. 14th. William Thomas son of Thomas Sheppard Esqr. & Elizabeth his Wife privately, & received into the Church Septemr. 9th.

Augt: 28. Mary & Judith Twin Daughters of John Richardson & Mary his Wife privately, & recd into the Church Octr. 11th.

Page 2.

1778. Baptiz'd.

Sepr. 28. Hannah Daughter of Thomas Ashby & Elizabeth his Wife privately. Publickly Jan: 5th 1779.

Octr: 25. Phebe Daughter of Wm. Hurst & Elizabeth his Wife.

1779. Baptiz'd.

Apr: 18. John Son of John Cole & Mary his Wife.

May 16. Samuel Son of Thos: Garret & Eliz: his Wife.

Octr: 31. William son of Thos: & Elizabeth Rose.

1780. Baptiz'd.

Jan: 9. Thomas son of John & Mary Richardson.

Feb: 6. William son of Lawrence & Sarah Barret.

Feb: 26. Charlotte Daughter of George & Ann Budd privately, & recd. into the Church the 27th. Do.

Feb: 26. Ann Daughter of Philip Osborne of the Parish of Castle-Thorp & Mary his Wife privately & recd into the Church the 27th Do.

Apr: 16. Mary Daughter of Willm. and Susan: Paragreen.

Page 3.

1780. Baptized.

June 12. Thomas Son of Thos: Sheppard, Esqr: & Elizabeth his Wife privately Baptized 1781.

Mar: 9th. William son of Wm: & Eliz: Hurst.

Mar: 21st. William Son of Thos: & Eliz: Garret.

October 27. Hester Daughter of Mr Alexander Sheen & Hester his Wife privately & recd into the Church Novr: 26th.

Octr: 28th. Thomas son of Wm. & Susan: Paragrene.

Baptized 1782.

June 6th. Thomas Son of Lawrence Barret & Sarah his Wife.

June 19th. James Son of Jno. & Mary Richardson.

Septr: 28th. Frances Daughter of Thos: Sheppard Esqr: & Elizabeth his Wife. - privately.

Baptiz'd. 1783.

Mar: 23d. Elizabeth Daughter of Charles & Sarah Frost.

J. Leadbeater, Rector.

Page 4.

May 11th. Zilpah Daughter of John Cole & Mary his Wife.

June 13th. Henry son of John Richardson & Mary his Wife.

Baptizd 1784.

Janry. 4th. George Son of Robt: & Elizabeth Drinkwater.

Janry. 18th. Mary Ann Daughter of William Paragrene & Susanna his Wife.

Febr: 5th. Richard Son of Thos. Garret.

May 16th. William son of Henry & Mary Smith.

Octr: 11. George Son of Jno: Richardson & Mary his late Wife.

Baptiz'd 1785.

March 3rd. Thomas Son of Thos: Sheppard Esqr & Elizabeth his Wife (privately) & Recd: into the Church June ye 14th - 85.

Martha Mary and Anna Maria twin daughters of Wm. & Susannah Peregrin privately Baptized Feb: 8th -1786.

Page 5.

Baptized 1786.

Mary D. of Henry & Mary Smith baptized the 19th of March 1786.

Laurence son of Laurence & Sarah Barret publickly baptized March ye 19th, 1786.

Robert son of Robert & Elizabeth Drinkwater was publickly baptized April ye 2d, 1786.

April the 17th, 86. John son of Wm. & Elizabeth Swanell.


March 16th. William Saunders son of Thos. & Mary Carr.

June 22. William Drinkwater son of Rob. & Mary. Born 12 of June.

Nov. 23. Job Illegitimate Son of Elizabeth Knibb.


March 1st. Elizabeth, Daughter of William & Elizabeth Swanell (privately).

July 19. Mary Daughter of William & Susanna Paragreen was privately baptized.


Decr. 30. Thomas Drinkwater son of Robert & Elizabeth Drinkwater was privately baptized.


June 6th. George Illegitimate Son of Hannah Wiatt. Privately Baptized.

Sepr. 18th. Charlott Carr Daughter of Thomas & Mary Carr was Publickly Baptized.


May 6th. Frances Dorothy Daughter of Thos. Sheppard Esqr. and Elizabeth his Wife was privately baptized & Received into the Church Sepr the 7th, 1792.

Page 6.

July 2nd, 1792. Ann Daughter of William and Elizabeth Swanell.


Feby. 3rd. Elizabeth Daughter of Robert & Elizabeth Drinkwater was privately baptiz’d. Received in the Church April 28th, 1793.

Catharine Daughter of John & Elizabeth Richardson. Privately Baptized April 21st, 1793. Received in Church June 2d, 1793.


Nov. 23d. Sophy Daughter of Thomas & Mary Carr was publickly Baptized.


May 17th. Anne Daughter of Robert & Elizabeth Drinkwater was publickly Baptized.


Jany. 1st. John Son of Robert & Elizabeth Drinkwater was publickly Baptized.

July 30th. Maria Daughter of Daniel & Susanna Adams Privately Baptized.


Janry. 24th. Charles Son of Thomas Sheppard, Esqr: and Elizabeth his Wife

privately, and received into the Church April 17th.

Feb. 4th. Joseph son of Robert & Elizabeth Drinkwater.

Page 7.


Febry 9. Sarah Daughter of Thomas & Ann Frost was Privately Baptized. Received into the Church April the 20th, 1800.

April 11. John Son of Robert & Elizabeth Drinkwater was publickly Baptized.

May 18th. Robert Son of Thomas & Katharine Merry was Privately Baptized. Received into the Church the 8th of June, 1800.

Septr. 27th. Frances Daug: of Thomas Sheppard, Esqr., and Elizth. his wife privately Baptz.


Novr. 29th. Katharine, Daughter of Thos. & Katharine Merry Privately Baptized. Recd. into the Church Janry the 3d, 1802.


Sepr. 26. William Son of Thomas & Ann Frost was Publickly Baptized.


April 3d. Ann Daughter of Thomas and Catharine Merry Privately Baptized.

Page 8.

June 17, 1803. Sarah Daughter of Thomas and Frances Scott was Publickly Baptized.


Feb. 26. Edward Son of Thomas and Anne Frost privately baptized. received into the Church March 3d.


Aprl. 16. Eliza Daughter of Peter and Catherine Hughes privately baptized. received into the Church June 29th.


May 24. Mary Daughter of Thomas and Ann Frost Publickly Baptized.

Decr. 27th. William Son of Lawrence and Ann Barratt. Publickly Baptized.


Feby. 17. Sarah Daughter of James and Elizth. Holdam Publickly Baptized.


Novr. 1st. Ann Daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Drinkwater Publickly Baptized.

May 31, 1812. James son Job and Elizabeth Hading Publickly Baptized.

Page 9.

Decr. 4. Elizabeth Daughter of George and Charlott Mobbs Publickly Baptized.


Page 1.

A Register of all the Burials in the Parish of Thornton in the Archdeaconry of Bucks from the year 1778.

1778. Burials.

Octr. 3rd. Mrs Hester Maria Wife of the Revd. Dr Cotton & Daughter of the late Sir Charles Tyrrel, Bart.

1779. Buried.

Septr. 3rd. Ann Merry, nurse to Mastr Sheppard.

Octr. 7. Sarah Daughter of Lawrence Barrot & Sarah his Wife.

Decr. 13. Sarah Biggs.

1780. Buried.

Feb. 29. Mary Turvey, Widow.

J. Leadbeater, Rector.

Page 2.

1780. Buried.

June 22nd. Thomas Son of Thos: Sheppard, Esqr., and Elizabeth his Wife (an Infant).

Augt. 20th. Hannah Dautr. of Thos: & Eliz: Ashby.

Octr. 22nd. Mary Dautr. of Wm. & Susan: Paragreen.

Novr. 4th. Jenny Dautr. of Wm. & Jane Frost.

Buried 1781.

March 29. Willm: Son of Wm. & Eliz: Hurst, an Infant.

July 12th. Willm: Son of Willm: Edie & Lydia his Wife (an Infant).

July 16. Ann Daughter of Benjamin & Mary Sheen his late wife.

Novr: 14. Thomas Voll, Labourer.

Decr. 27. Molly Dautr. of Luke Morris.

Buried 1782.

Octr. 7th. Frances Daughter of Thos. Sheppard, Esqr., & Elizabeth his Wife (an Infant).

Octr. 7. Isaac King, Clark of this parish.

Buried 1783.

June 8th. Mary Cole.

Augt. 18. Zilpah Cole (an infant).

J. Leadbeater, Rector.

Page 3.

Buried 1784.

Janry 22d. Willm. Hurst, a pauper.

Janry 22. John Bazeley.

Feb: 6. Elizabeth Garret.

Feb: 7. Richard Garret (an Infant).

Mar: 26. Thomas Paragrene (an Infant).

Octr: 12. Mary Richardson.

Octr: 17. George Richardson (an Infant).


Jan: 27th. Thos: Ashby.

Feb: 10. Joseph Marlow.


April 5th. Mary Ann Paragrene.

July 12. Revd. John Leadbeater, Rector of this Parish. thus far is sent to Mr. Box.

Novr. 7th. James Miller.


March 7th. William Frost.


Janry. 13th. Luke Morris.

Janry: 20th. Susanah Spooner.

June 21st. Mary Richardson.


Febry. 6. Mary Parragreen (an Infant).

Decr. 18th. Frances Dorothy Sheppard (an Infant).

Page 4.

Buried 1793.

Feby. 3rd. Thomas Son of John Richardson (aged 14).

April 2nd. Mary Anne (Illegitimate) Daughter of Sarah Paragreen of the Parish of Ratclive, Bucks.


Oliver Foster of the parish of North Marston in Bucks was Buried the 22nd of Octr. having been only two days in the service of Saml. Oldham.


Feby. 6th. Buried Betty Ashby, late of the Parish of Stony Stratford, Widow.


Janry. 13th. John Son of Robert & Elizabeth Drinkwater (an Infant).

June 27th. Hannah Scrivener (spinster) of the Parish of Pottersperry, Northants.


April 17th. Mary Weaver: Cook in the Family at Thornton Hall near 26 years.

Novr. 10. Richard Galton, Butler to Thomas Sheppard, Esqr., near thirty years.

Page 5.

Decr. 20, 1798. Mrs Maria Lowndes, Wife of Willm. Lowndes, Esqr., of Whaddon Hall & Daughter of Thos. Sheppard, Esqr., & Elizabeth his Wife, of this place.


June 9th. Ann Daughter of Robert & Elizabeth Drinkwater (an Infant).


Sepr. 17. Geore. Son of Robert & Elizabeth Drinkwater.

Octobr. 3d. Elizth: Sheppard Wife of Thomas Sheppard, Esqr.

Octobr. 3d. Frances Daugh: of Thomas Sheppard, Esqr., and Elizth. his Wife (an infant).


Janry. 18th. Judith Bignall Wife of John Bignall, Labourer.

July 29th. Charles Son of Thomas Sheppard, Esqr., and Elizabeth his late wife. (Aged 3½ years).

Page 6.


Aprl. 27th. William Thomas Sheppard Cotton, Esqr.


May 23. William Carr was buried.


June 30th. Elizabeth Mires was Buried.

Septr. 23. Mary Frost was buried. An infant.


April 3d. Sarah Gurney was Buried.

May 8. Elizabeth Roberts, Spinster, was Buried.

June 9. Matthew Shouler, Bachelor, 78, was Buried.




N.B. - All the undermentioned contracting parties are married after
banns, and of this parish, single, and full age, unless otherwise indicated.
No. 1. William Scot & Rebecca Clements of Beachampton, with consent of parents,
23 Nov. 1755. Fran: Marshall, Rect. Witnes., Thos. King, Hen. Blackborow.
No. 2. Thomas Oakley of Thornborough & Joanna Morrice, by Lic., with consent of
parents, 13 April 1761. F. Marshall, Rect. Witnes., T. King, John Bonham.
No. 3. John Collett of Padbury & Mary Davey, by Lic., with consent of parents, 12
May 1761. F. Marshall, Rect. Witnes., John Davey, Thos. King.
No. 4. John Warren of Buckingham & Ann Davey, by Lic., 22 June 1761. F.
Marshall, Rect. Witnes., John Collett, Thos. King.
No. 5. William Gilks of Steeple Claydon & Elizabeth Stevens, by Lic., 22 March
1762. John Phillips, Curate. Witnes., Robert Stevens, Benj. Sheen.
No. 6. John Davey, yeoman, & Rebecca Gayton of Beachampton, by Lic., 21 Oct.
1762.* John Leadbeater, Rect. Wit., T. King, James Clarke.
No. 7. Richard Bull of Wicken, Northants, & Sarah Voll, 23 May 1763. Wits
Susanna Davey, T. King.
No. 8. Matthew Tomkins of Aston-Clinton & Mary Marlow, 23 April 1765. Wits.,
Isaac King, Susanna Marlow.

No. 9. Lawrence Barrot, servant man, & Sarah Rose, 20 Oct. 1767. Wits., Isaac

King, Willm. Bedford.

No. 10. William Frost & Dorothy Wise, 23 Dec. 1767. Witnes., Isaac King, Mary Frost.

No. 11. Isaac King & Ann Turvey, 12 May 1768. Witnes., Thos. Ashby, John Frost.
No. 12. William Garner, labourer, & Mary George, 26 March 1769. Wits., I. King ,William Betts
No. 13. William Pollard of Whaddon & Catherine Berry, 12 Oct. 1769. Wits., I. King, Thos. Pollard.

No. 14. Wm. Peregrene & Susannah Colegrave, 5 Nov. 1769. Wits., I. King, John Richinson.

* Unless otherwise indicated the Rector officiated up to 1786.

No. 15. Charles Griffen of Passenham, Northants, & Esther Ashby, 5 Jan. 1770.
Witnes., Isaac King, Thos. Ashby.

No. 16. Phillip Hitchcock of Green’s Norton, Northants, & Susanna Davy, by Lic.,

8 Jan., 1770. Witnes., Humphrey Savage, Isaac King.
No. 17. Richard Morris & Martha George, 30 Sept. 1771. Wits., I. King, Thos. Verney.

No. 18. John Dickens of Shenley & Mary Sheen, with consent of her Father, by Lic.

29 June 1772. Witnes., Jane Leadbeater, Benj. Sheen.

No. 19. George Budd & Ann Robertson, 10 Aug. 1772. Wits., John Davey, I. King.

No. 20. John Richardson & Mary Battison, 11 March 1773. Wits., John Davey, I.King.
No. 21. Richard Littleford of Passenham, Northants., & Eleanor Law, by Lic., 12 July
1773. Witnes., Thos. Arnold, John Fenel.
No. 22. Lawrence South of St Margaret’s, Westminster, & Judith Richardson, by
Lic., 18 Oct. 1773. Witnes, Thomas Peedle, John Richardson.
No. 23. William Church of Leckhamstead & Elizabeth Curtis, 25 Nov. 1773. Saml.
Hare, Rector of Beachampton. Wits., Will. Warr, Isaac King.

No. 24. Thomas Sheppard, Esq: of Littlecote, & Elizabeth Sheppard (late Eliz.

Cotton), by Lic., with consent of her parents, 24 Nov. 1774. William Fleming,
Curate. Witnes., Jane Leadbeater, Henry Quartley, Rector of Wicken.
N.B. The above-named Thos. Sheppard and Elizth. Cotton were before married, vizt.,
on the 27 Oct. 1774, in the new Episcopal chapel at Edinburgh.
It will be found they were the first couple married and Registered in the above
mentioned chapel.
No. 25. John Davey, widower, & Elizabeth Hirons, by Lic., 24 Oct. 1775. W.Farebrother, Rector of Leckhampstead.
Wits., I. King, Mary Percifal.
No. 26. James Lamben of Passenham, Northants, & Elizabeth Richardson, by Lic., 17 Oct. 1776. Wits., I. King, J.
Richardson.Jan. 1777. Wits., William Sheen, I. King.
No. 27. William Hinton of Middle Claydon, Dairyman, & Sarah Sheen, by Lic., 13 Jan. 1777. Wits., William Sheen, I.King.
No. 28. James Shaw of Thornborough, Lacebuyer, & Elizabeth Sheen, by Lic., 17 Nov. 1777. Wits., Richard Cockerill,
Alexr. Sheen.
No. 29. Philip Osborne of Castlethorp & Mary Frost, 31 Jan. 1780. Wits., Rich. Osborne, I. King.
No. 30. Thomas Sheen, yeoman, aged 21, & Mary Woodward of Thornborough, aged 21, by Lic., 10 April 1780. Witnes.,
Alex. Sheen, Thos. Bradberry.
No. 31. Alexander Sheen & Hester Woodward of Thornborough, by Lic., 25 May 1780. Witnes., Rich. Woodward, Junr.,
Thos. Gilks.
No. 32. John Gee & Elizabeth Cook, with consent of Guardians, 15 Oct. 1781. Witnes., Thos. Cook, Isaac King.
No. 33

. Samuel Garret & Ann Jeroms, 30 Dec. 1781. Wits., John Richardson, I. King.

No. 34. Robert Drinkwater of Padbury & Elizabeth Williams, 6 Jan. 1782. Wits., I. King, John Line.
.No.35. Francis Walton & Mary Richardson, 23 Oct. 1786. Joseph Lendrum, Curate. Witnes., Thomas Walton, John Richardson.
No. 36. Edward Norman & Mary Smith, 8 Sept. 1788. Primatt Knapp, Curate. Witnes., Larence Barrett, Eliz. Bull.
No. 37. James Mins of Great Horwood & Elizabeth Bull, 15 Oct. 1788. Primatt Knapp, Curate. Witnes., T. Sheppard, Lawrence Barrett.
No. 38. John Richardson & Elizabeth Oldham, by Lic., 6 Dec., 1792. Thos Clarke, Curate. Witnes., James Holdam,
Sarah Holdam.
No. 39. Michael Gayton of Passenham & Mary Morris, 31 Oct. 1793. Wm. Gurney,Curate. Witnes., Lawrance Barrett,
Robert Drinkwater.
No. 40. John Sneyd, Esq., Widower, of Ipstones, Staffs., & Mary Adey, by Lic., 18 Jany. 1794. Wm. Gurney, Curate.
Witnes., T. Sheppard, Thos. Ewesdith (?)
No. 41. William Lowndes, Esq., of Winslow, & Maria Sheppard, by Lic., 14 Dec.1795. Thos. Howard, Minister. Witnes.,
T. Sheppard, Wm. Selby.
No. 42. John Pargiter & Mary Swannell, by Lic., 20 Dec. 1797. Henry Pearson, Curate. Witnes., Larance Barrett, Richard
No. 43. Thomas Carr & Elizabeth Pratt, 24 June 1798. George Mettan, Curate of Hillesden. Witnes., William Barber,
Larance Barrett.
No. 44. William Barbey of Stow & Sarah Carr, 29 July 1799. George Lewthwaite, Curate. Wits., Thos. Carr, L. Barrett.
No. 45. Thomas Merry & Catherine Wiggins, by Lic., 24 Aug. 1799. Geo.Lewthwaite, Curate. Wits., James Clare, Mary
No. 46. William Brum & Susannah Capp, 13 Oct. 1800. W.L. Bennett, Curate. Wits., L. Barrett, John Keys.
No. 47. John Ratliffe of Whaddon & Elizabeth Baker, by Lic., 4 Sept. 1804. WilliamTalbot, Curate. Wits., Thos. Newman,
L. Barrett.
No. 48. William Barrett & Jane Pratt of Thornborough, 5 Nov. 1804. W. Talbot, Curate. Wits., John Keys, L. Barrett.
No. 49. William Miller & Ann Barrett, 10 Oct. 1805. W. Talbot, Curate. Wits.,Robt. Drinkwater, L. Barrett.
No. 50. Thomas Sheppard & Margaret Beardsworth of Enfield, Midd., by Lic., 12 Dec. 1805. John Risley, Rector.
Witnes., Charles Simpson, Leigh Smith.
No. 51. Peter Hughes & Catherine Richardson, 31 March 1806. Tho: Bowerbank, Curate. Witnes., James Holdam, L.
No. 52. John Holloway & Ann Plant, 19 March 1808. James Thomas Holloway, Curate. Wits., John Keys, Charlotte Poole.
No. 53. John Keys, widower, & Sarah Sims, 11 Aug. 1808. J. Brigges, Vicar of Thornborough. Wits., George Mous (?),
Charlotte Poole.
No. 54. George Kill of Great Linford & Elizabeth Sims, 13 Oct. 1808. J.T.Holloway, Curate. Wits., Robt. Drinkwater, Mary
No. 55. Joseph Buckingham & Charlotte Poole, 20 Oct. 1808. J.T. Holloway,Curate. Wits., Robt. Drinkwater, Eliz.
No. 56. John Cully of Twyford & Elizabeth Mias, 22 May 1809. J. Brigges, Curate. Wits., L. Barrett, Eliz. Swannell.
No. 57. Job. Harding & Elizabeth Swannell, 10 Oct. 1811. J. Brigges, Curate. Wits., Willm. Drinkwater, Ann Swannell.
No. 58. Edward Stockley of Hundon, Suffolk, & Elizabeth Adams, by Lic., 13 Nov.1811. J. Brigges, Curate. Wits., Robt. Drinkwater, ....Pegg.
No. 59. John Richardson of Padbury & Lydia Kent, 19 Dec. 1811. J. Brigges, Curate. Wits., William Brum, Eliz.Taft.
No. 60. George Mobbs & Charlotte Carr, 25 May 1812. Jonathan Brigges, Curate. Wits., Thos. Drinkwater, Eliz. Pegg.
No. 61. Robert Drinkwater & Elizabeth Pegg, 27 July 1812. J. Brigges, Curate. Wits., John Holloway, Eliz. Taft.
No. 62. William Meads of Cosgrove, Northants., & Charlotte Windmill, 15 Oct.1812. J. Brigges, Curate. Wits., James Lee, L. Barrett.


Thomas Ashby & Eliz. Varney of Great Horwood, June 1760.

Francis Bignal & Eliz. Crump of Winslow, Nov. 1764.

William Betts & Mary Albery of Denshanger (Northants), April 1769.

Thomas Warren & Sarah Kitely of Evershall, Aug. 1773.

Willm. Miller of Great Horwood & Sarah Draper, Sept. 1776.

John Frost of Hanslop, widower, & Hannah Heritage, Sept. 1777.

George Colton & Jane Adams of Thornborough, Oct. 1777.

Samuel Frost & Mary Church of Little Lindford, Aug. 1778.

Laban Garrett & Martha Foskew of Little Horwood, Jan. 1781.

William Lively & Hannah Friend of Chipping Warden, Sept. 1781.

James Capel & Sarah Watson of Buckingham, Sept. 1782.

Robert Warner, servant, & Frances Cadd of Hillesden, Jan. 1783.

John Wagstaff of Brackley & Esther Southam, May 1783 (publickly forbid).

John Cole, widower, & Eliz. Dillo of Thornborough, Sept. 1783.

Thomas Archer & Lydia Adie, Oct. 1784.

Thomas Garrett & Sarah Archer of Banbury, Oxon., Nov. 1784.

Jonathan East & Maria Phillips of Winslow, no dates, 1790.