Meetings are held in St Mary & St Giles School, King George's Crescent, Stony Stratford on Wednesdays at 7.30 pm. From Wolverton Road, enter King Street, alongside "The Duke of Wellington" public house. King Street leads into King George's Crescent: midway in the Crescent on the left is the entrance to the School. Park in the playground, but not in front of the main entrance doors, which are to the right-hand side of the building. After the meeting, turn left into the Crescent and on to Queen Street to rejoin Wolverton Road.

All are welcome to join the Society: the Annual Membership is £7.00, whilst Junior and Senior Citizens pay £6.00
Non members entrance fee £2.00

18th January 2017
Annual General Meeting -and the traditional slideshow of old views, hosted by
Ron Unwin
15th February 2017
Lace making in North Bucks
Elizabeth Knight
15th March 2017
Past, present & future of Stowe House
Anna McEvoy
19th April 2017
Entertainment in Northampton
Ruth Thomas
20th September 2017
A day in the life of Time Team
Paul Blinkhorn
18th October 2017
Woburn village: a short history
John Clarke
15th November 2017
King John's Scythe
Mike Ingram
13th December 2017
Sounds familiar  
Kevin Varty