Northampton Record Office

Addendum to Towcester District Alehouse Recognizances 1753
Cover of Licences for 1753
Northampton Division

These were not mentioned in the Alphabet sent to the Justices before the Licencing in 1754 being not found among the records by Mr. Rogers the present Clerk of the Peace until 8th. Oct. 1754. They were missed AP

County Court of Northampton William Maynard of Passenham at The Green Man acknowledges to our Sovereign Lord the King the Sum of Ten pounds
Division of Town William Jenkins of Towcester Victualler Five pounds

John Eales of Towcester Victualler Five pounds
To be levied on their several Goods and Chattles, hand and Tenements by way Recognizances to his Majesty's Use
Upon Condition that whereas William Maynard is this Day Licenced to keep a common Alehouse a victualling-house in the Parish of Passenham
In the County, for the Term of One Year only from the Twenty -ninth Day of September Instant
If therefore the said William Maynard shall keep good Order and government, and suffer no Disorder to be committed, or unlawful Games used in the said House, Garden or Backside thereunto belonging, during the Continuance of the said Licence Then this Recognizance to be void, or else to remain in full Force
Taken and acknowledged this Twelfth SIGNATURY William Jenkins
Day of September? 1753 before us SIGNATURY ??John Eales