National Archives Leaflets : The Militia

Militia Conscription 1758 - 1831

A form of conscription was used: each year, the parish was supposed to draw up lists of adult males, and to hold a ballot to choose those who had to serve in the militia. The militia lists (of all men) and militia enrolment lists (of men chosen to serve) should in theory provide complete and annual censuses of all men aged between 18 and 45 from 1758 - 1831. The surviving lists, held locally, can be very informative, giving details about individual men and their family circumstances.

Passenham & Deanshanger Militia List 1777
A list of the men's names between the ages of eighteen and forty five that are liable to serve
in the militia in the parish of Perssingham come Denshenger in the county of Northampton

Forename Surname Occupation
William CLARKE farmor
John BAYLEY labrour
Thomas BENSON farmor
Edmand DAVIS sarvt.
Thomas BATES sarvt.
William GOAD sarvt.
Matthew HOBS sarvt.
John LITTLFORD labourer
John CLARKE do.
Thomas MASSOM do.
John CLARKE farmor
Thomas ARNOLD carpenter
William SCARR labourer
Richard LITTLFORD shoe maker
William CLARKE sarvant
Thomas CLARKE labourer
Crissmus PARSONS labourer
John BIGNILL labourer
Henry JACKMAN labourer
George DICKINS baker
John WOARD labourer
Thomas JARVICE labourer
Samuel FOOCKS labourer
Benjamin ROBINSON labourer
William CLARKE labourer
William DICKINS farmor
Jarvec CONQUEST malster
Thomas POINTER labourer
William BEAMON labourer
Thomas DURRANT labourer
William FOXLEY brick maker
Henry JARROMS sarvant
Thomas CHURCH farmour
George TAYLOR keeper
James WILLS ROW servant
Robert SHAW blacksmith
John BRUFF sarvant
Thomas WOODWARD labourer
John GARRITT servant

Hary DICKINS, constable