NRO ZB68/1

Sentences of Prisoners Tried at Northampton Assizes 1818 - 1836
Taken from William Horner's Scrapbook cuttings

1822 16 July Humphrey FOWKES, aged 24, James FODDY, Rich. ANDREWS, aged 22, Wm. YATES, aged 22, J.DENT, aged 32, William LOVESEY, aged 25, and Thomas ANDREWS, aged 19, charged with having violently assaulted Joseph WALL, of Passenham, in the execution of his duty:- DENT to be imprisoned One month; the other acquitted
1825 26 February Sam DURRANT aged 20, Eliz DURRANT aged 25, and Wm. RICHARSON, aged 23, charged with stealing a sheep from a fold in the parish of Passenham, the property of John FLAVELL. - Acquitted
1826 25 February Thomas HORWOOD, aged 30, charged with entering a forest in the occupation of his Grace the Duke of Grafton, in the parish of Passenham, armed with a bludgeon, with intent to take and destroy game . - Acq.
1836 [1]9 February Thomas JOHNSON, 27, charged with stealing eight ash poles, value 10s. the property of John TRAVIL, of Passenham. Acquitted