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35 Green Lane

90 Anson Road

Building type

Terraced two storey house with downstairs bay


On 31st December 1906 the plot of building land, owned by the Radcliffe Trust, was conveyed to Mr. William Knight (Timber Merchant) of 2, The Square Wolverton for a cost of £222. This plot, measuring some 988 square yards and with a frontage of 29yards and 2feet on to Anson Road, could accommodate ‘not more than six private dwelling houses to front Anson Road and to costs (prime net cost) at least One hundred and seventy pounds each’.

On November 2nd 1907 William Knight sold to Alfred Powell Hawtin (Builder) of 115 Colwyn Road Northampton a piece of the land with a 59 feet 4inches frontage on to Anson Road for a cost of £200.

On 20th March 1909 Alfred Powell Hawtin sold to Catherine Emily Hurst ( the wife of Machine Sawyer Henry Harris Hurst of 22 Windsor St. a piece of land with a frontage to Anson road and a width of 29 feet 8 inches for a cost of £100. The conveyance states that the piece of land bounded to the south owned by the Vendor was being sold to Annie Grey and the land to the west was bounded by a back way and the land to the north was owned by Horatio Ernest Grice.


Unknown; but perhaps the builder was Alfred Powell Hawtin


Red brick in ?? bond


Front Door

Door Panels painted by Denise Ilett
Door Step

Metal air vent


Downstairs rooms

Living Room
Back Room
Garden Room
Breakfast Room

Upstairs rooms

Main Bedroom
Spare Room
Second Bedroom

Subsidiary features

The Garden Wall has a different bonding to the house.

The Back Garden

The garage is a fairly recent replacement of an old asbestos panelled shed. The garage is made from moulded cement panels, the brick effect details were painstakingly painted by Denise Ilett and Philip Ilett.


Owners of the land/house

The Radcliffe Trust

who sold land for 6 houses for £220 on 31st December 1906


Mr. William Knight (Timber Merchant) of 2 The Square Wolverton

who sold land for 4 houses for £200 on 2nd November 1907


Click image for close-up detail

Alfred Powell Hawtin (Builder) of 115 Colwyn Road Northampton

who sold land for 2 houses for £100 on 20th March 1909


Catherine Emily Hurst (wife of Machine Sawyer) of 22 Windsor Street Wolverton

Mrs. Catherine Hurst owned number 90 Anson but obviously had the property as an investment in her own right - unusually for the time. It actually states on the deeds that her Husband has no automatic rights in the property. She lived in Church Street with her Husband and Family, and always rented out the Anson Road house.

Phyll Horton remembers her and said that she ran a lodgings house at the Church Street property.

Our next door neighbour, Phyll Horton of number 88 remembers the first tenant Mrs. Lovesey who was an elderly widow when Phyll moved in as a young married.

Phyll says, She always wore an old fashioned mob-cap and used to give me advice on which way to peg my washing depending on which direction the wind was blowing. I would always go inside and get really 'aeriated' about how I would hang my washing out how I liked! My Gran, who was living, with us at the time would always say "You're never too old to learn, my Girl". Mrs. Lovesey would recall how when she was living there as a young wife, she could see her husband coming home across the fields, as he was a farm worker in Old Wolverton. This was in the days before Eton Crescent was built".

Phyll recalls how when Mrs. Lovesey was taken ill and went into hospital - relatives came into the place and virtually ransacked it looking for her savings! It turned out that she had taken it, inside a teapot, to a neighbour's house across the road for safe keeping. They then handed it over to the relatives. She died shortly after and the house contents were split up and sold. There was a very substantial four-poster bed which apparently was sold and went to one of the big houses in Cosgrove.

We have a very distinctive Edwardian flower pattern wallpaper, in the built in bedroom cupboard and like to think that this is a lasting memento of this first occupant.

When Mrs. Hurst died, the property was split between her husband and offspring. One decided to buy the others out. Then the house was later sold for £1200 on 16th March 1951

Peter John Held (Handicraft Teacher) of 16 Ledsam St. Wolverton

Pete and Jean Held moved in and have been friends of Phyll and Alf Horton ever since. Their children were the same ages and Phyll says the houses had a few "bun-fights" at the children's' birthdays. When one of the children passed the 11+, Pete (who was a woodwork teacher) built in a work area with shelves and a cupboard across the window area in the back bedroom (the Spare Room). This is still seeing service as a nice area to do painting or craft work. They moved into another property- but only just across the back-way to Eton Crescent. So, they are still living nearby.

They sold the house for £9,000 on 31st October 1975

Harold Wilfred Webster and Christable Emma Jane Webster of 4 Osborn Gardens, Mill Hill, London NW7

The next owners, Christine and Harold Webster left another lasting memento - the stained glass door on the back bedroom (the Spare Room). This has wonderful colours, early evening, when the sun shines through. It apparently came from Harold's Mother's house in Western Road. She replaced her door, so they decided to fit it to provide extra light on the landing. The next door neighbour from Number 92, Les Bates (who was a carpenter at the Works) adjusted the door frame to fit, for them. They moved when Harold had to go into Care.

The house was sold for £25,900 on 19th April 1985

Steven William Elliott of 141 Oxford Road, Stone, Aylesbury

Stephen Elliot then moved in. When he married Ann Bernadette Stevens on 16th January 1987, he arranged for the mortgage to be in joint names. They really liked the house but Ann worked near Aylesbury. She had an accident coming home, one winter evening and became uneasy with the journey after that. In the end, they decided that they would have to move closer to her work.

They sold the house for £63,000 on 16th September 1988

Geoffrey and Denise Ilett of 27 St. Giles St. New Bradwell

This brings us round to us, who only had to move from New Bradwell! On our last shuttle trip in the van, Denise was holding the cat, Spice in one hand and steadying a stained glass window at the same time. We moved in next door to long term neigbours on both sides. Phyll and Alf Horton at number 88. Alf has since gone into a Care home but Phyll is still there. Les Bates was a neighbour for many years (he was a Widower all the time we knew him). After he died his son Glen moved in and has been a neighbour ever since.