Forbes Oldham Directory of 1908

Covers Fenny Stratford, Bletchley, Winslow and Woburn Sands

Woburn Sands

Woburn Sands, formerly known as Hogsty End, when it was a hamlet of Wavendon, is now an ecclesiastical parish, with an area of 341 acres, and in 1901 had a population of 1043, now increased, as Woburn Sands is a growing place - to about 2,000 people or even more - and attractive as a residential locality, owing to its situation, just below a spur of the Chilterns, where salubrity of site and beauty of scenery combine to render retirement agreeable. The assessable value (1907) is £5,641.

In 1907, "that portion of Woburn Sands, lying in the parish of Wavendon and the County of Bucks…" was separated from the other portion of Wavendon, and constituted a Civil Parish by itself, with a separate Parish Council, Parish Officers, and District Representatives. This, no doubt, is the first step towards carrying out a scheme of sewerage and sew­age disposal and a water supply scheme; but when these come off a portion of Aspley Guise, which lies in the County of Beds. must be included in the area affected by either or both. With the division of the ancient Parish of Wavendon, new officers and officials had, as already said, to be elected, or appointed, for Woburn Sands, and the following now hold office in that new Civil Parish.

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Parish Council: Mr. J. T. Luttman (Chairman); Dr. T. D. Holmes (Vice-chairman); Messrs. H. Day, C. Dudley, A. Boyes, W. H. Bazeley, Rev. D. W. Henry, Messrs. T. Tomlin, T. Jackson.Assistant Overseer and Clerk: Mr. H. Gregory.
Parish Constable: Mr. H. Gregory.

Overseer: Mr. F. Day.
Guardians and R.D.C.: Mr. W. Inwood and Mr. J. Pikesley, sen.
Vicar: Rev. D. W. Henry.
Churchwardens: Mr. Thos. Wodhams and Mr; A. C. Plater.


Here is a recently built Meeting House of the above named Society, on the front of which is this inscription:-

Friends Meetings have been held in this Parish from about the year 1659. The Burial Ground was purchased 1674.
Hogsty End Meeting House stood here 1675 - 1901. This Meeting House was opened 12 Month 8, 1901.

This place was one of the most important centres of Quakerism, and second only to Jordan's in this county. The Wavendon parish register affords copious evidence of this, as between 1658 and 1750 there are about 150 entries of burial, specified as those of Quakers, and taking place at Hogsty End. After 1750 none is so indicated, though doubtless many took place, and the little trim and well-kept burial ground of about an acre contains the mortal remains of probably several hundred people. A large number of those interments were of Friends who died elsewhere, even as far off as London. In the registers of adjacent parishes, Quarter Sessions records, and other documents and records, are found evidences relating to the "sectarii tremularii" - e.g.

1659, Friends riding to a meeting at Wandon had their horses confiscated as a punishment for Sunday travelling.
1658 Dec. 9, Joane, ye wife of Robert Trannis, was putt into the ground, by him, a Quaker.
1706 July. Thomas Harry, yeoman, Quaker, dyed being buried in his garden.
1710 Mar. 9, Richard Underwood, bury'd at Hogsty End Meeting House (dying at Aylesbury, in prison.)

The above extracts are from Wavendon register book.  Among those who lie buried here are: Jeremiah Holmes Wiffen, who was celebrated as a poet and scholar, translator of Tasso of Garcilasso: and who died in 1836, at the early age of 41. Also his brother Benjamin Barron Wiffen, who was famous as a Spanish scholar. Another remarkable member of this meeting was Richard How, who accumulated a library of over 5,000 rare and valuable books.

The present Meeting House cost about £1,700, and can accommodate about 500 people. On the occasion of the opening, Sir Joseph W. Pease, Bart., M.P, for Darlington, attended, and presided at the evening assembly.

Advert from the 1908 directoy
Advert from the 1908 directoy
Both well known tradesmen in the village with High Street shops.

Call Office Post Office
J. Barker, Horse Dealer  Woburn Sands
R. L. Brander, Surgeon Woodfield
G. Collin, Tailor, etc. Westbury House
C. Grimshawe Aspley Guise
R. T. Hammond, Hotel Proprietor Swan Hotel
W. Harrington, Draper, etc. Woburn Sands
S. Harris  The Malting House, Aspley Guise
       “      “  The Holt, Aspley Guise
G. C. G. Lockhart, J.P, for Beds. The "Dene."
J. McMurtrie, House Furnisher, etc High Street
W. Needham Haydon House
Powage Press, Ltd., Printers & Publishers Powage House, Aspley Guise
T. H. Redfern, Solicitor Sandymount
T. M. Stewart Heather Bank, Aspley Heath
C. Sinfield, Builder, etc.  Aspley Guise
Station brick & tile works (C. Dudley) Woburn Sands
Station Hotel, Railway Station

Russell Street
Harry Barker
George Bywater
Enos Climer
Joseph Collins

Harry Creamer
Frederick Crute
Frederick William Gregory
Henry Gregory
Frederick Harry Jackson
John Jackson
William Mapley
Kemmish Massey
Thomas Parrott
Alfred Randall
Walter Smith
Aubrey Tansley
David Two
Henry Two

Weathercock Lane
George Collins
Albert Saunders
Richard Stimson
George White

Station Road
Gibson Andrew
John Barker
John Sail Barrett
John Barton
William Henry Bazeley (Factory)
Henry Brill
Alfred Butlin
Major Campbell
Robert A. Cheetham
Charles Clark
James Clarke
William Clarke
George Collin
Charles Dudley
James William Dudley
C. M. Featherstonhaugh
John Fletcher
Edward Glaisyer
Ernest A. Gregory
Thomas H. Gregory
A. Hardy
James Hunt Hicken
Thomas D. H. Holmes
William Henry Inwood
William Jakeman
Walter Keep
William Lane
John T. Luttman (Station Hotel)
Andrew Medcalf 
William Needham
F. W. Parker (Station House)
John Pikesley (Post Office)
George Saffery Scott
Stonebridge and Foll
George Spreckley
James William Steers
Charles Taylor
Richard E. Whitlock
George Wilson
Frederick Wingrave
Thomas Wodhams

Hardwick Street
Harry Marshall Freear
Thomas Hudson

Sandfield Cottages
John Butcher
George Clare
Charles Higgins
Charles Litchfield

Station Grove
Joseph Bettle
George Bodsworth
John Coleman
Frederick Charles Crute
Thomas Dickens
Jesse Mitchell
William Munn
Thomas Randall
Thomas Seardefeld
Alfred White

Chapel Street
Leonard Adams
James Alfred Boon
James Clarke
Thomas Clarke
Daniel Creamer
Frederick Day
George Day
Walter George Day
Aaron Devereux
George Dolton
Reeves Fathers
John Gardner
Harry Giles
Thomas Giles
Thomas Hallworth
Frederick Arthur Hammond
William Higgins
Edwin Hobley
Charles Jackson
William Lawrence
John Pearce
Henry Rice
Charles Spring
John Walker
William White

Theydon Avenue
Thomas Charles Bowler
James Page Chapman
Arthur Cross
James Davis
Hugh John Jackson
John Leatherdale
Jacob Pearce
William Rice
William Smith
Frederick Tomlin
John Turney

Wood Street
George Arnold
Walter Barker
Arthur Thomas Collins
James Collins
Benjamin Giles
William Hunt
Robert James Lilley
George Thomas Ormerod
James Perry
Thomas Preston
John Rogers
William Saunders
William Henry Sear
William Stone
Jabez Stonebridge
Albert Edward Tyers


William Thomas, Gas Works
John Cook, Inwood’s Yard
William Clarke, jun., Smith's Brickyard
George Warren, Smith's Brickyard
Arthur Gilbert, Watkin's Brickyard
Mrs Sargeant, The Terrace
W. B. Stonebridge, The Terrace
Ebenezer E. Vallance, The Terrace
George Durrant, Bow Brickhill Road

The Leys
Noah Ambrose
George Austin
Charles Barden
George Berry
Arthur Boyes
John Braddy
Tom Brandom
John Thomas Branston
Thomas Capp
George Edward Coleman
John Collins

Henry Cook
Philip Carwell Cook
ohn Driscoll
E. Dunnett
Frederick Foolkes
John George
Joseph Griffin
Charles Haines
Frederick William Hall
Charles Hutton
Solomon Jackson
Thomas Jackson
Arthur Jones
George King
Albert Edward Leadbeater
John Meager
Samuel Morris
Arthur Holme Mowbray
John Arthur Negus
Stephen Steele
William Stocks
George Thomas
Joseph White
Thomas Woods

High Street
Charles Byway
Walter Cattell
Frederick John Culver
Erasmus George Dovey
Frederick Jos. Easton
Arthur George Ellingham
Joseph Elliott
Joshua Emms
Henry Edward Grace
Herbert Gregory
William Harrington
G. Hammond (Swan Hotel)
Henry Jones
Edward George Miller
James McMurtrie
John Pikesley, jun.
George Edward Popple
George Tansley
Ernest Alfred Tomlin
William H. Toogood
Walter George Wells

Vicarage Street
Charles Belton
Frederick Field
Henry Giles
David Hallworth
William George Hallworth
William Linnell
Rev. D. W. Henry, The Vicarage

Advert from the 1908 directoy
I'm not sure how much call there was for habit-making in Woburn Sands....